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Project: Free Energy on Molokai Goals: Create a self- sustaining environment Implement clean alternative energy technologies Develop a world-wide market for alternative energies

Cavetronics In Hawaii

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Cavetronics visited Hawaii in January 2009 in hopes of implementing a sustainable energy technology on the island of Molokai.

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  • 1. Project: Free Energy on Molokai Goals:Create a self-sustainingenvironmentImplementcleanalternativeenergytechnologiesDevelop aworld-widemarket foralternativeenergies

2. In January 2009, the staff of Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs traveled toThe Most Hawaiian Island: Molokaiin hopes to bring a new technology to Hawaii.The natural, primitive beauty of Hawaii may bethe perfect setting to introduce Free Energy (OverUnity) to the world. 3. Much of the landscape appears in a raw state with very few roads and onlya small town.There are no McDonald's,no Walmarts, no shopping malls,no traffic lights... not even a caution light.All those things belong to Maui and The Big Island, but not on Molokai, also known as quot;Old Hawaii.quot; Indeed, the small town and homes around the island are reminiscent of a time between 1920 to 1960, to include the obvious lack of quot;modern conveniencesquot; such as flushing toilets and electricity in many locations. 4. Within the monthor so previous to our arrival, media announced that Hawaii will be the first state quot;off the grid.quot; Ourresearch showed that the people of Molokai have stated that their top priorities Yet, progress on Molokai is anything but swift,include regaining because the native Hawaiians are united in sustainability and determination against Corporate Americaovertaking their beautiful island home. And theutilizingnatives have not been convinced that thealternative proposal for a wind farm is efficient & cost- energy sources.effective enough for ancient windmills to scarthe scenery. 5. One thing that the Hawaiians truly know inside-and-out is Beauty. And like most earth-conscious people, they also know Harmony. But they are poor... Molokai's population may be among the poorest in Hawaii. But wealth is not measured in money alone. And if money lacked all value, the people of Molokai may, instead, be among the richest. 6. We are devoted to a vision for this earth that defies Corporate America, the intrusion of inflated government, and economic slavery enforced by monopolies. We want to see a free humanity: progressive yet beautiful, technologically advanced living in pristine conditions. 7. Our vision for Hawaii became clearer during the stay on Molokai. We believe that Hawaiiand Molokai in particular may be the best platform to welcome this technology to the world....But, in order forthis tooccur, thepeople of Molokai may need to be unified and determinedto have it. 8. We met no one who was able toafford even the basicequipment necessary tolaunch the developmentanddistributionof the Free Energy machines. However, we are not deterred, only delayed. We seek to work towards increasing awareness, communication and education, especially concerning Free Energy. 9. The energy machines will eliminate the need for electric companies and oil companies. Themachines will run for generations and generations and generations...creatingmore income for the people in the long-run. 10. The machines willcost 2 to 3 times less than solarpanels; and they can be buried and placedout-of-sight. The landscapecan be renewed by the lack ofpower lines. 11. Free Energy is ambient with theenvironment, using only what is already available from the electromagnetic fieldswe are immersed in. 12. This technology emits no harmful emissions; and it requires no fuels. It is harmonious and works in balance with universal laws. 13. We seek the betterment of all people, our planet and the progress of mankind. With baby- steps in spreading awareness that this technology exists, we hope to bring Molokai past the age of Corporate Americaand step further into the future than anywhere else on Earth: maintaining and regaining the natural beauty of the land while improving the standard of living. 14. Free Energyis an energy For The People 15. and it is fitting that the resources and backing come By The People. 16. We would prefer that this technology to be enacted by real people...that is to say: the people who need it the most. 17. The governments and corporations may chastise and frown on a few 18. but a unified people 19. Can Do Miracles. 20. Brian D. Prater& Melissa R. Cody January 2009