Building Windows 8.1 Apps with Mobile Services

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  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. What is Mobile Services?
  3. 3. Structured Storage Powered by SQL Database Same DB Multiple Mobile Services Data management in Windows Azure Portal SQL Portal, SQL Management Studio REST API CLI Tools
  4. 4. The REST API Action HTTP Verb URL Suffix Create POST /TodoItem Read GET /TodoItem?$filter=id%3D42 Update PATCH /TodoItem/id Delete DELETE /TodoItem/id*
  5. 5. JSON to SQL Type Mappings JSON Value T-SQL Type Numeric values (integer, decimal, floating point) Float(53) Boolean Bit DateTime DateTimeOffset(3) String Nvarchar(max)
  6. 6. Server Side Scripts Customizing logic on the server
  7. 7. Node Modules Extensibility through numerous included modules
  8. 8. Push Notification Lifecycle Overview
  9. 9. Push Notifications
  10. 10. Auth*
  11. 11. The User object User.level User.userId User.getIdentities()
  12. 12. More on script options: Custom API Non-table based scripts Accessible from Get Post Put Patch Delete Same permissions as tables
  13. 13. Diagnostics, Logging, Scale Diagnostics API calls CPU Time Data Out Logging console.error() console.log() Scale - Compute Scale - Storage
  14. 14. Service Scale Free 500K API calls per subscription per month Standard 1.5M API calls per unit per month Premium 15M API calls per unit per month
  15. 15. Mobile Services Tiers General Availability 99.9% Free Standard Premium Usage Restrictions Up to 10 services, Up to 500 Active Devices* N/A N/A API Calls 500K (per subscription) 1.5M (per unit) 15M (per unit) Scale N/A Up to 6 Standard units Up to 10 Enterprise units Scheduled Jobs Limited Included Included SQL Database (required) 20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacity 20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacity 20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacity
  16. 16. Windows Azure Mobile Services
  17. 17. Resources Videos, Tutorials, Code Samples and More Microsoft Virtual Academy Get a Windows Azure Free Trial Account Help with Mobile Services Windows Azure Mobile Services Forum
  18. 18. Questions? @KenCenerelli


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