Building video application on windows 8 with Windows Azure Media Services

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<ul><li> 1. mingfeiy</li></ul> <p> 2. Media Industry trendWhat Microsoft media platform offersWindows Azure Media ServicesMicrosoft Media Platform Player framework for Windows 8Smooth streaming supportClosed captionAdvertising (VAST and VMAP)Sample Windows 8 applications 3. Faster Internet connection increases the popularity of streamingFor 1st time, Online movie viewing in the U.S. will exceeddigital video disc and Blu-ray use this year - IHS 2011 2012 3.4 2.6 2.4 1.4ONLINE VIEWING DVD AND BLU-RAY 4. More video-capable smart devices Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent for the first time in 2011. Two-thirds of the worlds mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. Resources provided by Cisco white paper 5. Http-based Adaptive Bitrate StreamingDefine good view experience Watch online videos anywhere, anytime They want videos to be streamed withouton any devices interruption in the highest resolution possible 6. Http-based Adaptive Streaming it allows the stream to actually adapt the video experience to the quality of the network and the devices CPU. 200 kbps Chunk Size: 2 sec video Video 2 mbps HTTP Http serverEncoding withMultiple Bit Rates 5 mbps 7. Http-based Adaptive StreamingWhy this is good?Best viewing experience Where you watchHow much video loadedReal cost cuttingScalabilityCurrently there are three major streaming formats (all takes H.264 as input) Smooth StreamingHttp Live Streaming Http Dynamic StreamingDynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) Also called MPEG-DASH 8. Rich Internet Application(RIA) replaced media player plugins 9. Will HTML5 be the cross browser, cross platform solution? Plugin-free 10. The Status of HTML5 video Apple iOS implemented Http Live Streaming but it is not the standard No Digital Right management (DRM) solution for HTML5Resources provided by longtail video 11. Private 12. Application with Smooth Streaming Sourceurl : /manifestSmooth StreamingExtension SDK Media SourceInterfacePLAYBACK PIPELINE 13. Shipped as Open source at playerframework.codeplex.comBuilds on capabilities of Smooth Streaming ClientAvailable for multiple platformWindows 8 Player HTML/JavaScript Modern style applications XAML/C# Modern style applications C++ Modern style applications HTML5 player for browser Silverlight &amp; Windows Phone playerWell established player frameworkPlugin Architecture import what you need 14. Closed captioningTrick PlayOffline Advertising Player styling Smooth Streaming (VOD and live)Progressive VideoDVR controls Logging Multiple Audio MPEG-DASHPlayReady DRMAnalytics 15. SMPTE-TT/WebVTT 16. Linear Ads: presented before, between or after video content.Linear Ad takes over the full view of video. 17. Non-linear Ads: runs parallel to the video content so the user still hasthe option of viewing the content.It could be text, graphical banner/buttons or video overlays 18. Companion Ad: Pairing with Linear Ad or Non-Linear AdIt offers sustained visibility of the sponsor throughout the video content After 5 sec when linear ad is over 19. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) 3.0 / 2.0 what 20. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) 3.0 / 2.0My Ad ServerCar Company......... 21. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) 3.0 / 2.000:00:32...... 22. VMAP (Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist) 1.0 Recommended by IAB It is very useful when content owner doesnt have control over player Used by content owner to describe ad breaks Timing for each break How many breaks are available What types of ads How many are allowed in each break 23. VMAP (Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist) 1.0... vmap:AdSource&gt; ...... vmap:AdSource&gt; ...... vmap:AdSource&gt; ... 24.</p>


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