Building mobile back ends with windows azure mobile services

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Sydney Azure User Group presentation, June 2013


  • 1.Building mobile back ends withwindows azure mobile servicesWindows Azure Sydney User GroupJune 2013

2. Aidan Casey@AIDANJCASEY | acaseyblog.wordpress.comSolutions architect @MYOB Australia 3. AgendaBaaS overviewWindows Azure Mobile Services Features- Storage- Push Notifications- Authentication & Authorisation- Scheduler- Diagnostics & Scale 4. How long does it take to build a mobile app? 5. weeks! 6. Why so long? 7. Killer IdeaUserExperienceStore DataSocialIntegrationPushSecurityScaleVersioningAPIGeoLocationAnalyticsChooseTechnology 8. Store DataSocialIntegrationPushSecurityScaleVersioningAPIGeoLocationAnalyticsBackend as a Service (BaaS) 9. SDKs Windows Store Windows Phone 8 iOS Android 10. DemoCREATING A NEW MOBILE SERVICES APP 11. Storage 12. Structured StorageWindows Azure SQL DatabaseDynamic schema on/offApps partitioned by schemaREST API generated per table (very data centric platform)Access your data through the portal, SQL Management studio or REST API 13. JSON -> SQL data typesJSON value T-SQL typeNumeric values (integer, decimal, floating point) Float(53)Boolean BitDateTime DateTimeOffset(3)String Nvarchar(max) 14. DemoUSING THE JAVASCRIPT SDK 15. Server side Logic 16. Server Logic node.jsnode.js on small azure VMs (azure websites infrastructure)Server side pipeline hooks (interceptors)Out of the box you have access to the following node packages(June Release) - you now have access to NPMrequest, console, push.*, tables, sql, statusCodes, azure, mssql 17. Bypassing SQL Server storage1. Virtual Tables2 Create Custom API 18. Notifications 19. Push NotificationsThe global push object is used to send push notifications.Success & Error Callbacks are providedMethodpush. apns Apple Push Notification Service iOS appspush. gcm Google Cloud Messaging Android appspush. mpns Microsoft Push Notification Service Windows Phone 8 appspush. wns Windows Notification Services Windows Store apps 20. Push Notification Lifecycle 21. DemoPUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO A WINDOWS STORE APP 22. Authentication & Authorisation 23. AuthorisationTable level authorization for CRUD operationsEveryone: any request by anyone is accepted.Anyone with Application Key: app key distributed w/ the app (default)Authenticated Users: users authenticated by Live Connect.Scripts and Admins: registered scripts or requests via the master keyApplication Key should not be used in production ! 24. CLI & Diagnostics 25. Scheduler 26. Cool Party Add-Ins from Azure Store 27. Git publishing 28. 10 MobileServices1GB SQL Database700 jobs a month 29. ResourcesOfficial Videos & Tutorials world Use Cases & black belt tips Azure Mobile Services (Josh Twist) Nick ( Nick Harris )