Building Learning Games using Rapid Interactivity

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E-Learning games are appealing, fun to play and get learners completely immersed. This presentation gives an overview of the usage of learning games in eLearning. It also explains various challenges a course creator can face while developing eLearning games and how to overcome them rapidly.


<ul><li> 1. Rapid Interactivity for Effective eLearningBuilding Learning Gamesusing Rapid InteractivityAmit YakhmiHarbinger Knowledge Products</li></ul> <p> 2. You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in aYear of conversation - Plato - Plato 3. Top 5 Myths8 4. Game Based Learning Some Statistics Game based learning is learning by playing gamesGame-based learning - Games are engaging and funone of the new Range from technology trend for 2011. (Source: 2011 Simple to serious gamesHorizon Report) Single/ multiplayer immersive games 70% of major Synchronous and asynchronous organizations utilize Games are being used effectively not only for interactive software relaxing the learners but also for teaching serious and games to train. (Source: Entertainment and complex concepts in a more effective way. Software Association, Interactivity is the most important factor in E-2010) learning/ game based learning today 5. Game Based Learning The CycleInputProcess Output Instructional LearningJudgment Outcomes Content SystemGame Debriefingfeedback Cycle Game CharacteristicsBehaviorSource: A paper on Aspects of Game- Based Learning - Maja Pivec 6. Source: 7. Challenges in Game Based Learning 8. Rapid Interactivity for GamesTraditional InteractivityRapid Interactivity Trainers start with ready interaction modelsSpecify a behavior and write a Flash Find an interaction model and adapt itprogram that implementsthat fit a given your course content(for They select models it to learning outcome example, diagrams, games, surveys, simulations, exercises,Built from ground-up for a specificStarts with ready models that are animations etc.)need customizable This gives them a starting point.Involves creative effort customize and embed interactivity Trainers then easily Involves selectionInvolvescontent. into programmingNo ProgrammingInefficientEfficientComplexity in developmentEasy to develop 9. Building Games with Raptivity 10. Raptivity Samples Raptivity in action 11. CLINICAL CHALLENGES 2008 Harbinger Knowledge Products 3 2008 Managed Learning Services Conference, Training Industry, Inc. 12. Harbinger Knowledge Products 13. Harbinger Knowledge Products Thank YouVisit Us at Booth #604 Write to us: </p>


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