Building a successful open source business model - Joomla!Days NL 2010 #jd10nl

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  • 1. building a successfulopen sourcebusiness modelFotis Evangelou (JoomlaWorks) Joomla!Days Netherlands 2010

2. what this talk coversusing open source& making a living out of it 3. what this talk does NOT cover becoming flthy richlet's keep something to ourselves :) 4. let's get started 5. there are2 open source business channels in Joomla! 6. developing Joomla! websites developing Joomla! extensions...or both 7. steps applying to both cases... 8. step 1 decide what you want & can do establish a working philosophy 9. step 2engage into open source 10. open source = community 11. step 3 gain exposure contribute back use social media as your marketing tools participate in events 12. steps applying to extension development... 13. step 1 identify real needs & upcoming trends do not re-invent the wheel(unless it's damn better!) 14. step 2 establish your ownsub-community 15. step 3 engage your users 16. step 4 don't be frightened of criticism (remain calm & act like a professional) 17. step 5 adapt & innovate ...and don't fade away 18. steps applying to web development... 19. step 1 Using Joomla!? Spread the word! 20. step 2establish your reputation as an open source specialist 21. thank youand good luck!


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