Building a strategy for social media success

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  • 1. Building a Strategy for Social Media Success
  • 2. Social Media Marketing Goals INFORM ENGAGE INFLUENCE Content Reputation Management Conversations
  • 3. Where is your online presence? Website- Page Rank, Alexa Score, Analysis Social- (likes/followers) Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, and more Video-YouTube, Vimeo, and more Blog-Page Rank, Analysis Events- Meetup, Evite, Punchbowl, FB Groups and more Press Releases- PR Web, Erelease, Vocus and more
  • 4. Lets Create a Strategy for Success WHAT ENGAGEMENTS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU NEED YOUR TRIBE TO KNOW? HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN? Likes, Followers, Retweets, Mentions, Shares, Comm ents, Conversations, etc. Meetings, tips, How To, Resources, Articles, Press Releases, Events, etc. Respond to complaints, praise fans, mention people, answer questions, etc.
  • 5. Lets Create a Strategy for Success
  • 6. Define Channel Conversations In such a broad landscape its best to define your goals within these platforms
  • 7. What I can do for you Perform an analysis/benchmark of where you are in the digital sphere. (what platforms, how many followers, website ranking, natural search ranking for keywords, etc) Create a strategy for gaining presence in the digital sphere. (what to launch, where to backlink, how to connect channels, etc) Launch the Tactics within the Strategy. (Generate social posts, create social stories, videos, images, etc.)
  • 8. Agreements LETS DEFINE: SCOPE OF WORK: XX set ups on XX Social Sites, XX posts per week on XX site, XX reports (weekly/monthly), XX Refreshed Design, etc. WHAT I PROVIDE WITHIN THE SCOPE: Strategy & Tactics, Content generation, generate design elements, create reports, link all social sites together, create backlinks, etc. COST: We will review your needs and set a budget friendly agreement for you that is manageable based on the scope of work required. Although social media platforms might be free, some examples of hard costs might be URLs, Graphics, Press Release Costs (PRWEB), Facebook Advertising, PPC, etc.
  • 9. Agreements NEEDS: FROM WEBMASTER: RSS Feeds, Shareware on all articles or posts, links to social sites for your organization, and if possible put social widgets on your website. FROM YOU/ORGANIZATION: Access to your logo, images on file, calendar of events, mission statement, sponsor logos, honorable mention/ benefactors, film production lists of those you support, video files/links to videos, employee or volunteer lists, friend list to invite to like/follow us, or ANY OTHER NEWS WORTHY INFORMATION YOU HAVE AVAILABLE on an ongoing basis.
  • 10. Next Steps Hungry Wolf Marketing: Digital presence analysis Social Strategy Scope of work for your approval Your Production Company: Approval of Strategy and Scope of work Content/information to begin work/ or access to this information (Google docs/ Dropbox etc.) Follow up Target Date: TBD
  • 11. About Hungry Wolf Marketing Brandy Luscalzo is the CEO of Hungry Wolf Marketing. She has been in the media business since 1992 working for companies such as Brown Publishing Company, Gannett, San Diego Union Tribune, U-T San Diego and The Los Angeles Times. She has extensive experience in the digital and social marketing/publishing realms, and have managed social media strategy and operations for large publishing companies, actors, and screenwriters. What makes her different? Her passion. She enjoys her work and all her friends will tell you she can always be found in a large crowd by searching for the blonde holding an iPad. Honestly, there are a million and one social gurus out there, and although shes been called a social guru, social master, social maven , She understands that the social sphere changes on a minute by minute basis, so Brandy continuously seeks best practices and new marketing strategies that engage, build community and deliver some measureable ROI for your Indie Film Company. Contact at


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