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  • 1. MAY2011European networkinflight magazine 54 Please take me,Im yours to keepInspiring business and travel in Europe Ruralretreats Time out in Portospeaceful valleysPLUSFood+Drink / Design / Eco / CultureFashion+Beauty / Africa / City Guides

2. Netgains The financial crisis may haveslowed growth in Polands ITsector, but the internet still holds great potential for Krakows young entrepreneurs. Scott Berman meets the MD of Empathy - Internet Software House, Tomasz Wesoowski IMAGE GETTY IMAGES68 Brussels Airlines b.there! magazine May 2011 3. BUSINESS KRAKOWAs the managing director of Empathy - Internet Software House, a company that provides advancedweb applications across sectors, 29-year-old Tomasz Wesoowski is a sign of thetimes in Krakows IT sector. This young professional obviously madean early start on his career path. Born andbred in the city, he was already working withcomputers by the age of seven or eight, andspent a sizable chunk of his adolescenceplaying computer games. Not a particularlyunusual situation for someone growing up inthe 1980s and 90s, you might think. But, astime passed, Wesoowski became more andmore interested in programming. He startedcreating graphics, developing simpleapplications, and delving into the internetand web design. The teenaged Wesoowski was soonworking at a company that created portalsfor the construction industry. It was a headytime for the IT market, in Poland and globally until the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.But it was during this uneasy, uncertainperiod that things started to get interesting.Wesoowski spent a period studying atKrakows AGH University of Scienceand Technology, while he watched asunemployed IT professionals across thecountry went out and started their owncompanies. He may have been out ofa job, but he wasnt out of ideas. Brussels Airlines b.there! magazine May 2011 69 4. /// BUSINESS KRAKOWTeam Empathy, says Wesoowski,are open-minded and focusedon doing something new Office space The two had a pretty good idea of whatcorporate portal and intranet applications, I had no money, but I always dreamed of they were getting into by teaming up they among other things. According to the starting my own company, Wesoowski were friends back in secondary, its programmers apply a range says. So I did. He left university and Tomasz is a good business partner andof technologies to find solutions for clients, scraped together enough cash to rent we complement each other, Rozkrut says.across business sectors from pet food to a tiny office in the city, where he startedI focus on important technical details while publishing. Wesoowski is reluctant to designing websites for clients. Thehe focuses on task goals. The partnershipdescribe financials, but he states that youngster made it a point not to workled to an important project for Empathy:annual revenue most recently climbed from his familys house. I wanted it to the development of an internet-based30%, and that 2011 is looking good so far. be a business, not homework, he recalls.traffic information system, known as IRIS By his own admission, however, he didnt(integrated road information system), Care and share know anything, and it took time for his otorwaysalong a series of Polands motorwaysWesoowskiWesoowski has a refreshing attitude torefresh business to gain traction. ostradafor operator Stalexport Autostradawo owork, with two rules of thumb: keep Nevertheless, by 2004/5 he had fourMaopolska. At the time of writing,a sense of humour when working with w or five employees but also plenty of meanwhile, the company is working people, and delega I dont likedelegate. competitors. He felt he needed to takeagementon a web-based service management to be everywhere and know every the next step, so he joined forces withproject for Nestl Nespresso.o. single thing, he sa I have fewersays. his business partner and Empathys s,Today, with 30 employees, Empathyworries that way. It seems to work co-owner, Bartomiej Rozkrut. Theyationshipprovides CRM (customer relationshipfor Krakow, a bustlbustling city where combined their expertise to head more mmerce,management) systems, e-commerce,slowbusiness life is slower than in deeply into IT technologies. document management,Warsaw. Wesoow Wesoowski is clearlypersonable, and Rozkrut addsanother ad adjective: assertive.But when you explain the I dont like to be everywhere and knowreasons why something must be done a certain every single thing about the business.wa Tomasz will way, I have fewer worries that wayaccept it.70 Brussels Airlines b.there! magazine May 2011 5. /// BUSINESS KRAKOW Wesoowski likes toFR En hausse delegate tasks to hisScott Berman sentretient avec lentrepreneur able 30-strong team du Net de Cracovie, Tomasz Wesoowski Directeur gnral dEmpathy Internet Software, socit du secteur IT Cracovie, Tomasz Wesoowski, 29 ans, est un symbole de son poque.Wesoowski, qui est n et a grandi dans la ville, a dabord jet son dvolu sur les jeux vido avant de sintresser la programmation et au web design. Jeune adolescent, il travaille dans une compagnie de production de sites portails pour lindustrie de la construction. Mais il faudra attendre lavnement de la bulle dot-com, en 2000, pour que les choses deviennent vraiment srieuses. Je navais pas dargent, mais mon rve tait de lancer ma propre socit, confie Wesoowski. Aprs luniversit, il parvient rassembler des fonds et commence concevoir des sites web. En 2004/5, il a quatre ou cinq employs, et il se rapproche de Bartomiej Rozkrut, co-associ, pour dvelopper des applications IT.*PRICES QUOTED ARE FOR A RETURN TICKET IN B.LIGHT ECONOMY FROM OR TO BRUSSELS, ALL TAXES AND FEES INCLUDED, IF BOOKED ON BRUSSELSAIRLINES.COM. TICKETS ARE NOT CHANGEABLE, NOR REFUNDABLE. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICEAujourdhui, avec 30 employs et une filiale Varsovie, Empathy fournit des systmes CRM, des programmes de-commerce ainsi que des portails dentreprises et autres applications intranet. Son dernier bilan montre une augmentation du chiffre de 30%, et les perspectives 2011 sannoncent dores et dj positives.Wesoowski a deux grands principes : garder le sens de lhumour et dlguer. Je nai pas besoin dtre partout et de tout contrler. Et visiblement, il apprcie son job qui le met en contact avec des gens lesprit ouvert, soucieux dinnover. Les universits locales font galement cho cette We want to be a leader in creating internet dynamique entrepreneuriale, sans compter les PME et autres grandes socits dIT, qui dveloppent applications in IT, theres always something new normment de projets porteurs.Lorsque lon demande Wesoowski comment il imagine le futur dEmpathy, dici cinq ans, il rpond : nous voulons tre un leader dans la cration Furthermore, he likes to meet new people Local professionals regularly discuss suchdapplications internet spcialises. and is open to new ideas. projects at a local IT barcamp an industryIn any event, Empathys managing director term for a workshop gathering calledNL Internet: meer dan een game gives the impression that he relishes what KrakSpot Tech; about 200 met up forScott Berman spreekt met de Krakause internetondernemer Tomasz Wesoowski he does for a living and where he does it, inthe most recent event. Its part of what Als directeur van Empathy Internet Software is de large part because, I work with people whoWesoowski sees as an upbeat business29-jarige Tomasz Wesoowski in de Krakause are open-minded and focused on doing atmosphere. Professionals typically gather internetsector een symbool van zijn tijd. something new. He sometimes gives talks to unwind in places like Krakows popularDe jonge Wesoowski is geboren en getogen in de stad en uit zijn passie voor computergames to area businesses and students, and feels main market square, whose historic groeit al snel een uitgesproken interesse voor that IT is, simply stated, fun, and that architecture points to another leading programmeren en webdesign. Als tiener werkt hij bij een bedrijf dat voor de bouwsector portaalsites Krakow is a particularly good place forsector for this ancient city: tourism. creert. Als in 2000 de uiteenspat, the sector. Bartlomiej describes a wellworden de dingen pas echt interessant. educated and experienced professional Trail blazingGeld had ik niet, maar het was altijd al mijn droom om mijn eigen bedrijf op te starten, zegt Wesoowski. corps in the city, while Wesoowski adds thatLooking ahead, Wesoowski sees new Hij verlaat de universiteit en schraapt voldoende local universities bring vibrancy and therebrowsers and more cloud computing, among geld bij elkaar om een piepklein kantoor te huren, are small, medium and large IT companiesother developments. Asked where he waar hij voor klanten websites ontwerpt. Tegen 2004/5 heeft hij vier of vijf medewerkers en samen doing many interesting projects.expects Empathy to be in, say, five years, hemet mede-eigenaar Bartomiej Rozkrut specialiseertanswers: We want to be a leader in creating hij zich nog meer in IT. Surfs up Met 30 medewerkers en een bijkantoor in Warschaudedicated internet applications. Those creert Empathy CRM-systemen, e-commerce, Tomasz Wesoowskis top tips for applications will grow, and so will we. portaalsites en intranettoepassingen, enz. De building an internet business jaarinkomsten stegen onlangs met 30% en ook 2011And while the field may be highly technical, ziet er veelbelovend uit. Utilise your sense of humour; its a great this 29-year-olds motivation isnt. I like Wesoowski heeft twee vuistregels: je moet asset to help cope with and overcome daily creating, acting, doing new things, he says,getuigen van gevoel voor humor en delegeren. Ik hou problems at work. er niet van om overal tegelijkertijd te zijn. Hij geeftadding: I find satisfaction in IT because Delegate. Hire good people and then allow de indruk genoegen te scheppen in wat hij doet voor them the freedom to do what they do best.theres