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  • 1. Broadband Bits and Bytes Why do we have to have it? Whats the difference between one service and the other? Bill Coleman, Community Technology Advisors Mark Zimmerman, Itasca Economic Development Corp.

2. The slowest Internet speeds you will tolerate are most likely the fastest you will get. Milo Mendlin, CEO Google Fiber 3. For me, a day without broadband is a day without sunshine! 4. My Broadband Activities Business Check email Receive broadband industry news Research Purchase equipment Make travel arrangements Webinars Home videoconferencing Maps Pleasure Check email Facebook Review newspapers Fact checking politics and sports FaceTime/Skype Find and purchase books Music, movies and TV Fishing reports 5. Broadband Considerations Technology and Providers 6. Broadband Comparisons State of the Art - FTTH Up to 100 Mb/1 Gb Symmetrical upload and download Low latency Generally unlimited usage Very expensive to deploy Satellite Up to 12 Mb Significantly higher download than upload High latency inhibits interactive applications Aggressive use raises costs Relative low costs per user to deploy 7. Available Broadband Price Comparisons Satellite - Exede 12 Mb/3 Mb Use determines price 10 Gb = $49.99 + 9.99 15 Gb = 79.99 + 9.99 25 Gb = 129.99 + 9.99 Free zone downloading after midnight Cellular (ATT) For my household with 5 devices, recommended 20 Gb of data ($310) or. Two smartphones with mobile hot spot, recommended 15 Gb of data ($240) Both have unlimited talk and text; service is mobile 8. Service Provider Comparisons SCI Broadband in Bovey Triple play services ($126) 12 Mb Internet $49.95 Paul Bunyan in Grand Rapids Triple play services ($117.95) 10 Mb ($44.95) to 25 Mb (74.95) Internet CenturyLink Internet and phone Speed availability relies on location 1.5 Mb ($40) to 7 Mb ($45) 9. Some good questions about technology Thanks to Jeanne! 10. What about e-banking (and security in general)? Features Online banking Mobile banking Paperless statements Security Generally quite safe Do not use public wi-fi to access! Cellular wireless is OK Make sure your own device & network are secure! 11. What about data caps? Wired providers Extremely high data caps affect few users Satellite More use = higher fees Excess use is throttled Cellular More use = higher fees 12. Video? Downloading Receive and store a video file for review at any time. Video file is stored on the device hard drive. Internet bandwidth affects time required to download but not playback quality Streaming Receive and play and video file in real time. File is not stored on hard drive. Internet bandwidth affects user experience. Videoconference Interactive two-way video conversation using Skype, Facetime or enterprise systems. Bandwidth greatly affects experience 13. How Much Bandwidth does streaming use? Netflix HD 1800 Mb per hour 10 Gb cap = 2.7 movies per month SD 300 Mb per hour 10 Gb cap = 16.2 movies per month Pandora 32 Mb per hour 10 Gb cap = 312 hours 14. How much bandwidth do I need? Bandwidth Available Application Tech Note 500 Kb 1 Mb Voice over IP Satellite Latency Web browsing and email 1 Mb 5 Mb Larger email attachments Data caps, Upload speed IPTV Data caps Telecommuting Upload speed, data caps Streaming music Data caps 6 Mb 10 Mb Large file sharing Data caps Video on demand Data caps Tele-presence Satellite Latency Large file sharing Upload speed important Gaming Satellite Latency 15. National Apps Pandora Netflix Health Education 00x/introduction-philosophy-god/888 16. Local Broadband Applications Creating Content and Value in the Itasca Area 17. School District Technologies Fiber-fed wired and wireless technologies One to one device initiatives Flipped classroom Instant feedback Wi-Fi on school buses School district collaboration IASC Video conferencing Teacher sharing Shared tech support 18. School Districts District 318 Grand Rapids Student/Parent Portal Calendars Online Payments Forms and Guidelines Lesson plans with assignments Videos of activities District 316 Greenway of Coleraine Parent portal Calendars Forms and guidelines Lesson plans with assignments Payment may be within portal 19. Health Care Technologies For Health Care Providers Access to reports and images Real-time consultations Continuing education For Residents Patient portals Access to Electronic Health Records Home health monitoring E-visits Patient instruction videos E-health web sites 20. Grand Itasca Family Health Manager MyChart Multimedia Center Community Resources 21. Thank you!