Brainshark Introduces Custom Filters For Easy, Quick Access to Video Presentations and Enhanced Sales Content Management

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Tue Might 6, 2014 9:00am EDT* Reuters is not responsible for that content material within this press...


<ul><li> 1. Brainshark Introduces Custom Filters For Easy, Quick Access to Video Presentations and Enhanced Sales Content Management Tue Might 6, 2014 9:00am EDT * Reuters is not responsible for that content material within this press release. WALTHAM, Mass., may 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Brainshark, Inc., your leader inside cloud-based business presentations, today announced essential cool product capabilities and enhancements. These kinds of range via the accessibility to custom filters inside the actual Brainshark Content Material Portal - providing powerful functionality for you to categorize, discover and also access corporate video presentations swiftly along with easily. Brainshark additionally unveiled new themes for its desktop player, giving users the flexibleness to become able to adjust its physical appearance with a single click. As video carries on to enhance and also redefine enterprise communications, Brainshark causes it to always be able to be simple to create, share, track as well as organize video presentations - which can be often viewed on the web and via mobile, anytime, on-demand. 1 Brainshark presentation will be viewed each as well as every second, using Brainshark presentations consumed on each continent plus 98% of the world's countries final year. Custom Filters Across industries, productivity is intimately connected to getting able to find the right content material with the best time. Within sales, pertaining to example, hunting for relevant and up-to-date content material can easily be considered a major productivity-buster. a latest Brainshark survey shows that will 1 in three revenue reps frequently can't discover the supplies these people need to shut more deals - and of the group, greater than 44% cite haphazard enterprise content material management as a significant hurdle. Brainshark's new custom filter capabilities enable immediate content material organization at the enterprise level - which makes it possible for sales specialists along together with other users to find and access relevant presentations. Companies may deliver content material in the method inside which mirrors his or her enterprise operations, so employees can discover what they want quickly and intuitively, and be assured these people have the proper version with his or her fingertips - boosting each productivity as well as satisfaction. Here's the way it works: </li> <li> 2. Company administrators can easily create content material filter names - using, pertaining to example, labels for example "industry," "purpose," "content type," "stage of sale," etc. - to assist categorize content within their Brainshark account. Then, when authorized users create Brainshark presentations, they are generally in a position to make the content material simple to discover by making use of relevant filter values. Employees that navigate as well as search their particular company's content material portal can use the filters for you to find what they require immediately - narrowing his or her research through selecting 1 or perhaps much more filter values. users could additionally utilize the custom filter functionality when accessing and sending marketing-approved content material from the inside Salesforce, using the particular Brainshark Connector with regard to "Consumers these days tend to be accustomed to obtaining the items they require online effortlessly, making use of Amazon as well as other ecommerce sites," said Andy Zimmerman, Brainshark's chief advertising officer. "Employees anticipate that same experience within the business world. Together With custom filters, the particular Brainshark content Portal now employs the particular greatest practices article to video available on ecommerce web sites for you to enable employees such as sales reps for you to quickly find as well as use the content they need as part of his or her day-to-day activities." New Player Themes </li> <li> 3. Brainshark can be introducing new themes pertaining to its desktop player, providing a lot more overall flexibility to content material authors and a unique expertise regarding viewers. Administrators are now able to allow authors choose from three player themes when designing Brainshark presentations, selecting the style along with feel that very best suits their individual presentation as well as viewers' preferences. Player themes contain Brainshark Light, Brainshark Classic as well as Brainshark Dark. Companies which have worked with Brainshark's expert services team to produce their really own custom themes might find those alternatives as well. Your designated player theme will be used when audiences view Brainshark presentations through desktop browsers - whether or perhaps not individuals presentations are accessed by method of Internet link as well as embedded throughout websites, blogs, social media, or even third-party applications and portals. To view images along with screenshots of the brand new themes and custom filters, as well as for more information, such as brief video tutorials on these enhancements, please see About Brainshark, Inc. Brainshark enables companies to enhance productivity using cloud-based enterprise presentation solutions for sales, advertising and also training. Along With Brainshark's easy-to-use solutions, customers transform static documents like PowerPoints directly into dynamic, mobile-ready content material which can be accessed swiftly and viewed as on-demand video presentations or presented live - anytime, anywhere. they can additionally measure the potency of their particular communications in ways never believed achievable and make use of these insights to adopt action. thousands regarding companies - which includes half of the actual Fortune 100 - along with millions of people depend on Brainshark to improve the impact and reduce the expense of their own company communications. Discover a lot more with Logo - SOURCE Brainshark, Inc. </li> </ul>


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