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2. Overview What is BlueEyes technology ? Why named BlueEyes ? System designing System overview Data security Applications Conclusion 3. What is BlueEyes technology ? BlueEyes is a technology, which aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory abilities like those of human beings. The basic idea behind this technology is to give Computer human power. It provides technical means for monitoring and recording human-operators physiological condition. 4. Why named BlueEyes ? As the idea is to monitor and record operators basic physiological parameters, the most important physiological activity is the movement of eyes. For a computer to sense the eye movement, wiring between operator and the system is required. But, this is a serious limitation of the operators mobility and disables his operations in large control rooms. So utilization of wireless technology becomes essential which can be implemented through blue tooth technology. 5. Wires, wires, wires A serious limitation of: mobility comfort safety 6. Personal Area Network !! Solution: A Wireless Personal Area Network. 7. Designing A personal area network for linking all the operators and the supervising system contains mainly two major units: DAU (Data Acquisition Unit ) CSU (Central System Unit ) A reliable real-time buffering, processing and recording. A clear visualization interface. Mechanisms for creating custom data analyzers. To ensure a possibility of distributing the processing among a number of computers. 8. System Overview Data Acquisition UnitCentral System UnitAtmel 89C52 microcontrollerConnection ManagerBluetooth Jazz MultisensorVisualization ModuleBluetooth Data AnalysisData Logger 9. The eye movement sensorJazz Multisensor 10. Implementation Standard MDI user interface. Intel USB camera. ID card programmer. Developed using Visual C++ 6.0. Custom-built Bluetooth communication routines. Deployment environment: Windows 2000, MS SQL Server. 11. Data Security Only registered mobile devices can connect to the system. Bluetooth connection authentication. Access rights restrictions. Personal and physiological data encryption. 12. BlueEyes - benefits Prevention from dangerous incidents. The reconstruction of the course of operators work. Minimization of ecological consequences. financial loss. a threat to a human life. 13. Current Developments and Applications BlueEye EMOTIONAL MOUSE MAGIC pointing. BLUE EYE enabled SUITOR. 14. Conclusion In the near future, ordinary household devices- such as television, refrigerators, ovens may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them. Future applications of blue eye technology is limitless. These new possibilities can cover areas such as industry, transportation, military command centers or operation theaters.