Best Practices for SharePoint Timer Jobs

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  1. 1. SharePoint Timer Jobs SharePoint Training Series
  2. 2. Shailen is a SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Consultant. He has worked for large clients in the US and Australia and is also known as an architect, trainer, and evangelist. He currently works as a Senior Consultant for Readify. He is a co-organizer of the SharePoint user group in Melbourne (MPSPUG), Australia and presents to local and international user groups and at technical conferences, such as SharePoint Saturday. He is also an MCT and trains on SharePoint/Office365/Azure and runs private and public training classes and workshops. Follow him on Twitter at @shailensukul, check out his blog at and presentations at About Me
  3. 3. About Timer Jobs What is a timer job? Performs much of the backend work to maintain a farm Runs on one or more server at a scheduled time Runs periodically and independent of users Can be load balanced What is suitable for? Offloading long running processes from web front end server Running code under higher privileges Is the hammer approach
  4. 4. Examples of Timer Jobs in SharePoint User Profile Sync Solution Deployment Search Indexing Cleaning up old sites Etc..
  5. 5. Timer Jobs in SharePoint Farm Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review Job Definitions
  6. 6. How do Timer Jobs run? Windows SharePoint Services Timer Service (SPTimerV4) runs timer jobs Service must be enabled and running on each server The timer job executes under OWSTIMER.exe in the Services Console Panel
  7. 7. Architecture of Timer Jobs In simplest terms, a Timer Job is a class which implements the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPJobDefinition class Parameters of SPJobDefinition Name Description Name Name of the job Service An instance of the SPService class which owns this job WebApplication Parent SPWebApplication instance Server An instance of the SPServer class associated with this job LockType An SPJobLockType value that indicates the circumstances under which multiple instances of the job can run simultaneously
  8. 8. Architecture of Timer Jobs SPJobLockType values Value Description None No locks. The timer job runs on every machine on which the parent service is provisioned ContentDatabase Job runs for each content database associated with the jobs web application Job Only one server can run the job at a time
  9. 9. Architecture of Timer Jobs Implement the SPJobDefinition class Override the Execute method of the SPJobDefinition class and replace the code in that method with the code that your job requires The targetInstanceId maps to the GUID of the current content database while the timer job is running
  10. 10. Developing a Timer Job Create the timer job class Create the timer job settings class Add business logic Add a SharePoint feature to install and uninstall Provide utility to update timer job settings as part of the installation
  11. 11. Demonstration Contoso wants to display weather data in their SharePoint Intranet site. They get their weather data from Yahoo The outgoing public connection is not reliable, therefore they want to cache weather data in SharePoint Additional weather locations should be added without any coding change
  12. 12. Demonstration
  13. 13. Demonstration Refer to for screencast Code sample: Code snippets:
  14. 14. Shailen Sukul @shailensukul Readify Thank You!