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This may be the BEST PowerPoint Ever to grace SlideShare

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  • 1. A Look at
    By SalesPop!

2. What is Google+?
Google+ is a Social Network
Relationships on Google+ are asymmetric, which means you can follow people who dont have to follow you back. Users get a profile, a news stream, the ability to follow topics they are interested in (Sparks), create groups of friends (Circles), interact with them through video chat (Hangouts).
3. The Skinny on Google+

  • Released on July 7, 2011

4. Already, more than1 billion items are shared and received per day 5. Over 10 million active (took FourSquare 2 years to reach)The Rising Tide of Social Media: 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online is spent on social networks
6. The Skinny on Google+
Decided to forward to Google+. G+ gives me more (real time) feedback and engagement than my blog ever did. Kevin Rose; Founder of Digg
Theres a reason why Google calls this a project rather than a product they dont want people to think of this as the final product, but as a constantly-evolving entity that permeates every corner of the Google empire. Mashable
"You introduce Google+, where am I going to spend that next minute or hour of my discretionary time? I have no more time. Jeff Weiner; CEO of LinkedIn
When it comes to social networking, Google finds itself in an unusual position, one that its competitors in Websearch know all too well: playing catch-up with a service that dominates the market. New York Times
7. Getting Started
Google+ can be accessed through
Step 1: Setup a Google Profile
If you havent been invited, you wont be able to use it yet
If you have, use your Gmail address to create a profile
Input all of the necessary information
8. Getting Started
Step 2: Upload Photos
You will then be asked to integrate your Picasa photo albums into your Google+ profile
The same security settings will apply where only your friends will have access to view it (might want to still go through it)
9. Getting Started
Step 3: Add Friends and Circles
Add everyone you know and potential sales leads as well.
Google+ only allows you to import Hotmail
or Yahoo! contacts. Your Gmail contacts will
already belisted
Consolidate friends, sales leads, targeted audiences into the Circlestab
10. Getting Started
Step 4: PROMOTE!
You can do this several ways
Make posts on Google+ to get people familiar with your business
Add Google+ button to your website - Google has actually added Google Plus stats in your Webmaster Tools account so you can see the the analytics to your button
Engage in conversations with other Google+ members and drop your business name and what its all about
11. What can your business profile look like?
Example Pages
Google+ Asks Businesses to Wait
The business experience we are creating should far exceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulness to business. We just ask for your patience while we build it. Christian Oestlien, Google+ Product Manager
12. The Pros and Cons of Google+for Social Selling
13. Pros: Easy to Consolidate Followers
One of the biggest headaches of Facebook is arranging followers into specific groups to reach out to
Google+sCircles is a the easiest system on the market to share posts with specific targeted groups
Great way to keep in touch with clients and share relevant information with them instantly and privately through Circles
14. Pros: Video Chat
Best rated feature of Google+
Hangouts lets up to 10 users simultaneously video chat with each other
Video chat optionsprovide a great opportunity for businesses to connect directly with customers
Group video chats offer great opportunities to conduct exclusive workshops or to roll outexclusive promotions to VIP customers
15. Pros: Sparks
Perhaps the most useful of all Google+sfeatures is Sparks
Allows users to suggest newsstories, videos, photos, and more to specific users or Circles rather than automatically posting it toeveryone
This allows for targeted marketing opportunities by focusing on those users who would findyour content most useful
16. Cons: Too Many Social Network Streams
Already a huge amount of people on other social media networks and it could be a potential waste of effort if Google+ does not catch on
You would need to completely rebuild your social network from scratch not all of potential sales may be on Google+
17. Cons: Too much Noise
If youre trying to get maximum exposure for your product, Google+ may not be the right way to go due to:
Too much noise - Top of the stream gets jammed with too much information
Posts are pushed to the top whenever theres a new comment
Collapsing posts with long comment threads your post may disappear quickly
18. Cons: Tough Reaching Your Targeted Audience
Unlike Facebook, Google+ does not have a feature that allows you to blast messages
It is also still early in the developments and unclear on how easy it is to find people you dont know
Would cause an exceptional amount of effort to find people and reach out to them one at a time
19. Add Some Flare Google+ Tips and Tricks
Mention people in your posts by adding + or @in front of their name.
Clicking the +1 button on a post is the same as like on Facebook.
Send Private messages to people by only sharing your post with them, disable reshare.
You can add photos, videos, or links to your posts by dragging links directly to the share box.
Space = Scroll down Stream
Shift Space= Scroll up Stream
J = Single post down scroll
K = Single post up scroll
Q = jump to chat
Return = Start Comment
Tab, Return = End Comment