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This is the slide deck that Director of Delivery of KMS presented at Can Tho University on Saturday, September 28th, 2013.

Text of Become Software Tester or Developer

  • 1.BECOME SOFTWARE TESTER OR DEVELOPER? September 2013 KMS Technology - Vu Pham Delivery Director

2. TESTING HOW MUCH YOU KNOW? Ratio between Developer Tester in a IT company? Globalization is software testing? Any training program for Tester? 2 3. 2013 KMS Technology 4 MYTHS ABOUT SOFTWARE TESTING 4. MYTH #1 4 Reality: - It takes hours to start testing job but years to be good at it. - Tester and developer requires two different set of skills and mindset. Good developer cant become good tester. - Big gap exists between junior and senior/expert tester. Software testing is easy job, any people can become tester and no training is needed 5. MYTH #2 5 Reality: - What you learn from university is just a starting point for pursuit a career in IT. - Automation, performance, security testing not only require programming but also deep understanding about system, technology. - Java and .NET skills for Tester. Software testing doesnt require programming 6. MYTH #3 6 Reality: - Testing is not just test execution, you can see many tester not doing testing - Testing based on requirements only find 70% bugs. Innovation helps tester find the rest - We normally dont know how user use the software strong analysis, deep domain knowledge, lateral thinking is required for tester Software testing doesnt require much analysis and innovative thought 7. MYTH #4 7 Reality: - A company likely will go to the end if releases a low quality product. - Role of tester now is not just testing. Combined skills of (Developer + BA + Tester + Expertise User) - Many IT companies in VN are testing service providers top management grew from testing Testing is not challenging so I dont have much chance to growth in testing career Read full article here: ngh%E1%BB%81-nghi%E1%BB%87p-tr%E1%BB%9F-th%C3%A0nh-tester-hay- developer/10151860663517068 8. 2013 KMS Technology BECOMING A GOOD TESTER 9. SKILLS FOR TESTER Essential skills for a tester 9 Soft-killsTechnical skills Personal Traits Attitude Im just graduated, how can I start my software testing career and become success in career? 10. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Define your career plan, analyze strengths and weaknesses 10 Determined 11. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Our testing is only as good as our thinking 11 Determined Innovative 12. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Your communication is the key. Leverage the power social media for instant knowledge sharing 12 Determined Innovative Social-ability 13. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Not be intellectually, be intellectually curious Does this functionality make any sense? Is there a better way to implement this feature? 13 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious 14. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Need value from every hour spent on testing Time management 14 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective 15. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Think from the customers perspective on the overall testing vision and quality 15 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary 16. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Not tool and technology - Your brain, your passion and your enthusiasm matters the most 16 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary Enthusiasm 17. DISCOVER TOOL FOR TESTER Create a road map and execute Turn motivation into habit 17 Determined Innovative Social-ability Curious Objective Visionary Enthusiasm Roadmap 18. TAKE AWAY NOTE Vietnam is destination for software testing, currently high resource demand 4 common misunderstanding about software testing DISCOVER tool for tester 18 Who want to be tester? 19. 2013 KMS Technology Q & A 20. 2013 KMS Technology THANK YOU!!!!