Atlanta OpenStack 2014 Chef for OpenStack Deployment Workshop

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The session at the Atlanta 2014 OpenStack Summit is for those already familiar with Chef and interested in deploying and managing OpenStack. We cover the state of the deploying OpenStack with Chef and deploying infrastructure on top of OpenStack with Chef. The second half of the talk is a deep-dive walkthrough of the Vagrant deployment, the instructions are here:


  • 1. Chef for OpenStack Deployment Workshop May 14, 2014 ! Justin Shepherd Matt Ray

2. Agenda Background Instructions: Deep-dive walkthrough 3. Introductions Justin Shepherd Rackspace Principal Architect GitHub: galstrom21 IRC: galstrom Matt Ray Chef Director of Partner Integration GitHub: mattray IRC: mattray Twitter: mattray 4. Overview & Current Status 5. Chef for OpenStack: Project Developer & Operator Community around the automated deployment and management of OpenStack Reduce fragmentation and increase collaboration Deploying OpenStack is not "Secret Sauce" Community Project, not a 'Product' Apache 2 License 6. Community #openstack-chef on @chefopenstack Weekly Status Hangouts (Monday 11am EST) Stackalytics (stackforge->chef-group) 7. Who's Involved? AT&T Blue Box Dell DreamHost Gap HP HubSpot IBM Korea Telecom Opscode Rackspace SUSE and many more 8. Chef Requirements Chef 11 Ruby 1.9.x Foodcritic, ChefSpec, Rubocop for testing attribute-driven by Environments platform logic in attributes currently packages-only installation 9. StackForge: Cookbooks "Official" OpenStack StackForge repositories* gated by OpenStack services for Grizzly, Havana and Icehouse cookbooks block-storage, common, compute, dashboard, identity, image, telemetry, network, object-storage, orchestration, test-integration Operational support cookbooks ceph, ops-database, ops-messaging 10. StackForge: Deployment Chef repository for deploying Grizzly, Havana or Icehouse example Environments and Roles example "All-in-One" Vagrant deployments Gated by More single and multi-node testing coming 11. Reference Implementation Deployment examples in documentation All-in-One Compute Single Controller + N Compute more coming Will provide example HA configurations Operations outside of scope of core repository logging, monitoring, provisioning 12. 13. Documentation Architecture Deployment Prerequisites Installation Development Cookbooks and Repositories Example Deployments Creative Commons, no CLA required 14. Example Deployments Vagrant "All-in-One" for development/testing nova-network or Neutron Ubuntu 12.04 or CentOS 6.5 Developer lab deployment "1+N" Single controller, N compute boxes 5 boxes, consumer-grade hardware 15. StackForge: Grizzly Status branch stable/grizzly Operating Systems: Ubuntu 12.04, SLES 11 SP2 Databases: MySQL, SQLite (testing) Messaging: RabbitMQ Compute: KVM, LXC, Qemu Network: Nova + Quantum (Open vSwitch) Block Storage: LVM Object Storage: Swift Dashboard: Apache or Nginx 16. StackForge: Havana Status branch stable/havana Operating Systems: RHEL 6.x, Ubuntu 12.04, SLES 11 SP2 Databases: DB2, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite (testing) Messaging: RabbitMQ, Qpid Compute: ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, LXC, Qemu Network: Nova + Neutron (Open vSwitch, Linux bridge) Block Storage: Ceph, EMC, IBM, LVM, NetApp Object Storage: Swift Dashboard: Apache or Nginx 17. StackForge: Icehouse Roadmap master' branch currently on 'Icehouse' Ceph Trove Sahara Heat enhancements ml2 linuxbridge L2/openvswitch L3 networking Juno branch (J3, August) 18. StackForge: Potential Roadmap Operating Systems: Debian Compute: Bare metal, Docker, Xen Messaging: ZeroMQ Network: NSX, OpenDaylight Block Storage: NetApp Object Storage: Ceph Source builds via Omnibus 19. StackForge: Infra Roadmap ChefDK Test Kitchen and ServerSpec Spiceweasel/Chef Metal reference deployments 20. Chef Community Summit Developer/Community unconference October 2 & 3 in Seattle, WA 21. knife openstack 22. Available openstack subcommands: (for details, knife SUB-COMMAND --help)! ! ** OPENSTACK COMMANDS **! knife openstack flavor list (options)! knife openstack group list (options)! knife openstack image list (options)! knife openstack network list (options)! knife openstack server create (options)! knife openstack server delete SERVER [SERVER] (options)! knife openstack server list (options) $ knife openstack 23. Name ID Virtual CPUs RAM Disk! m1.large 4 4 8192 MB 80 GB! m1.medium 3 2 4096 MB 40 GB! m1.small 2 1 2048 MB 20 GB! m1.tiny 1 1 512 MB 10 GB! m1.xlarge 5 8 16384 MB 160 GB $ knife openstack flavor list 24. Name ID Snapshot! centos-6.5 68555833-8497-4d14-88ca-c9062e25f14b no! cirros-test ecc21974-c0f7-4da4-a433-ab826890f4a4 no! coreos 83d37ea5-d9ae-44cd-9110-d4d39ad997ce no! fedora-19 9add7e14-25e3-41d8-963a-ca744d081f2e no! fedora-20 acb6eba5-226a-4ed5-8db6-33a6fd8cf20d no! freebsd-10.0 0e270df7-1a02-4e91-9fc3-6f5311c58193 no! ubuntu-12.04 ce268db5-ceda-4a90-93c8-3b987ac3705f no! ubuntu-13.04 28d61273-3b8b-4943-8a6f-66630d7d4ef0 no! ubuntu-14.04 4a4f85bf-f164-4e54-83d8-8b2e7d0712b2 no! Windows Server 2012 R2 Std Eval 64e7cba7-7a50-443f-8fa6-a065406e0b04 no $ knife openstack image list 25. Name ID Tenant Shared! external 06dc9d5a-f55a-410d-a7fd-4c7cb34ad927 5da25cc3853f4c54850898f9614c20bb true! internal ba0fdd03-72b5-41eb-bb67-fef437fd6cb4 5da25cc3853f4c54850898f9614c20bb true! $ knife openstack network list 26. Name Protocol From To CIDR Description! haproxy tcp 22002 22002 haproxy! ssh tcp 22 22 ssh access! web tcp 443 443 web stuff! web tcp 80 80 web stuff! web tcp 8080 8080 web stuff $ knife openstack group list 27. Name Instance ID Zone Public IP Private IP Flavor Image Keypair State! OC-4424-chef-client f3302b74-1542-4af8-bc64-bd172ad3de50 17 89c4181f-6e6c-470e-baa7-d84162112153 shutoff! bb-test d2a9ceff-bf84-4396-9bf3-87b153ca4446 10 89c4181f-6e6c-470e-baa7-d84162112153 shutoff! 1bc5212c-3ad1-409c-9881-87fefac78bce 7 4a7263a1-3bf7-4b52-be71-6c28339853b9 farniki_pub active! os-3712471938967755 646347a4-4c3a-4559-a193-b352ed85db8e 2 967a39b4-b061-4515-94ad-f96717583277 mray-ops active! os-8162382405504458 2b336930-12ba-460d-b6f2-b29a5e38fb74 2 967a39b4-b061-4515-94ad-f96717583277 openstack-key active! os-837952636687383 21a81f5b-f9bc-4b14-9f21-298195fcbcbe 2 967a39b4-b061-4515-94ad-f96717583277 mray-ops shutoff! os-883820551180086 15b32e62-5cd9-4a15-87d1-e0f4b7fee2ae 2 967a39b4-b061-4515-94ad-f96717583277 mray-ops shutoff! sean-test-the-chef f1c171ec-5175-4a61-94ad-cc722278cdce 13 663656ce-2fe4-4164-b842-214f221cff55 seanh-support-gen active $ knife openstack server list 28. knife openstack server create (options)! -Z ZONE_NAME, The availability zone for this server! --availability-zone! --bootstrap-network NAME Specify network for bootstrapping. Default is 'public'.! --bootstrap-protocol protocol! Protocol to bootstrap Windows servers. options: winrm! --bootstrap-proxy PROXY_URL The proxy server for the node being bootstrapped! --bootstrap-version VERSION The version of Chef to install! --ca-trust-file CA_TRUST_FILE! The Certificate Authority (CA) trust file used for SSL transport! -N, --node-name NAME The Chef node name for your new node! -s, --server-url URL Chef Server URL! --chef-zero-port PORT Port to start chef-zero on! -k, --key KEY API Client Key! --[no-]color Use colored output, defaults to false on Windows, true otherwise! -c, --config CONFIG The configuration file to use! --defaults Accept default values for all questions! $ knife openstack server create 29. knife openstack server create 30. $ knife openstack server delete -P -y os-9723024061589451! Instance Name: os-9723024061589451! Instance ID: b6cb66fd-e42c-48dc-8893-89bdc644e06e! Flavor: 2! Image: ce268db5-ceda-4a90-93c8-3b987ac3705f! Network: internal! IP Address:! Availability Zone: nova! ! WARNING: Deleted server b6cb66fd-e42c-48dc-8893-89bdc644e06e! WARNING: Deleted node os-9723024061589451! WARNING: Deleted client os-9723024061589451 $ knife openstack server delete 31. knife openstack Compatibility Uses the OpenStack API Diablo, Essex, Folsom, Grizzly, Havana, Icehouse, trunk Blue Box Cloudscaling Crowbar DreamHost MetaCloud Mirantis Nebula Piston Rackspace Private Cloud 32. knife openstack Resources knife openstack --help plugin_knife_openstack.html component/ 33. knife openstack 0.10.0 Specify metadata during server create Select network IDs to attach and bootstrap Support availability zones Use of names instead of only UUIDs 34. knife openstack Roadmap more network and UUID cleanups knife-hp/knife-rackspace consolidation knife-cloud common base class TravisCI for Chef-supported knife plugins 35. Test Kitchen 36. Test Kitchen Integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code and software on isolated target platforms Integration test platform for your cookbooks on all the supported platforms with virtual machines 37. driver:! name: openstack! openstack_username: [YOUR OPENSTACK USERNAME]! openstack_api_key: [YOUR OPENSTACK API KEY]! openstack_auth_url: [YOUR OPENSTACK AUTH URL]! require_chef_omnibus: latest! image_ref: [SERVER IMAGE ID]! flavor_ref: [SERVER FLAVOR ID] Test Kitchen: kitchen.yml 38. Test Kitchen: OpenStack Need blueprints for development need a busser for Tempest Possibly use RefStack for testing as well 39. Chef Metal Chef recipes for deploying infrastructure Libraries for repeatably creating machines and deployments with Chef primitives Bootstrappers for many infrastructure types 40. Chef Metal: Providers Cloud Digital Ocean, EC2, Fog, OpenStack Virtualization Vagrant (VirtualBox, Fusion), VSphere Containers Docker & LXC SSH PXE in progress 41. machine 'mario' do! recipe 'postgresql'! recipe 'mydb'! tag 'mydb_master'! end! ! num_webservers = 1! ! 1.upto(num_webservers) do |i|! machine "luigi#{i}" do! recipe 'apache'! recipe 'mywebapp'! end! end Chef Metal: Example Recipe 42. Vagrant All-in-One Walkthrough 43. Setup Instructions: ChefDK, Vagrant, Virtualbox installed 44. "The Plan" Setup Tools Vagrantfile Environment Roles Cookbooks Dashboard knife 45. Tools used Bento JEOS images Packer image builder Chef Zero Berkshelf 46. Vagrantfile Vagrant plugins vagrant-chef-zero vagrant-omnibus chef-client provider environment = Vagrant-aio-nova run_list = [role[allinone-compute], role[GLANCE] ] 47. Environment vagrant setup for all-in-one nova- network developer_mode = true services each have attributes network setup 48. Roles allinone-compute os-compute-single-controller os-compute-worker 49. os-compute-single-controller os-base os-ops-database openstack-ops-database::openstack-db os-ops-messaging os-identity os-image os-network ... 50. os-compute-single-controller 2 os-compute-setup os-compute-conductor os-compute-scheduler os-compute-api os-block-storage os-compute-cert os-compute-vncproxy os-dashboard 51. os-compute-worker os-base openstack-compute::compute 52. Dashboard https://localhost:8443 admin/admin 53. chef_server_url ''! node_name 'mray'! client_key '.chef/mray.pem'! knife[:openstack_username] = "admin"! knife[:openstack_password] = "admin"! knife[:openstack_tenant] = "admin"! knife with Vagrant 54. knife-openstack Chef Zero creds knife node list -c zero.rb OpenStack creds knife openstack -c zero.rb 55. Thanks! Justin Shepherd ! Matt Ray