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App Search Analytics is a monthly metrics report using app search engine, Chomp's, proprietary data. It includes top queries,


  • 1.A P P S E A R C H A N A LY T I C SAPRIL 2011App Search Analytics | April 20111 1

2. A B O U T C H O M P S A P P S E A R C H A N A LY T I C SWelcome to the seventh edition ofChomps App Search Analytics Report!Chomps technology powers the most advanced search engine for native and web apps across theworldwide iOS and Android markets. The metrics outlined in this report provide insight into app searchtrends across iOS and Android using Chomps on-device search functionality within the US during themonth of April.Chomp for Android launched on February 28, 2011. Android and iOS metrics included in this edition ofApp Search Analytics refers to data collected April 1 - 30 but references previous months for trendingand comparison purposes.To see more app search data from Chomp visit Search Analytics | April 20112 2 3. A N A LY T I C S H I G H L I G H T S U M M A R YApp Search AnalyticsTop QueriesOnly one app title made the elite top 25 queries on iOS and Android. Searches forconcerts, free photography apps, chat and three others make their rst appearanceon the top 25 lists.App MonetizationPaid app downloads on Android decrease 2% but increase by 4% on iOS with peakgrowth occurring between the $0.99 - $3.99 price points. With 64% of all apps costing $0on Android and only 36% on iOS, free apps continue to win the app download race.Best in CategoryWith 18 given app categories in Android and 20 in iTunes, Games and Entertainmentaccount for 46.5% of Android and 40.8% of iOS downloads. Utilities earns the #3position while news loses a combine 3.3% of marketshare across both platforms.App Search Analytics | April 20113 3 4. A N A LY T I C S H I G H L I G H T S U M M A R YApril SpotlightCurrent Event Related QueriesWith the baseball season in full swing, app seekers took aim at nding the top baseball apps ontheir respective markets. The term baseball was entered 43% more in April than the previousmonth.International Search Trends (& top apps!)With the explosion of apps globally, Chomp offers a snapshot of unique queries by country andshares top app downloads across Android and iOS abroad. From Australia to Hong Kong, appseekers showcase an array of interest from adventure games to news and utilities.The Chomp 55Find out which iPhone and Android apps won the hearts and minds of Chomp users during April.Five (or more) of the top 10 ten Chomp 55 apps are paid for the third month in a row (iOS).Androids top 10 gets diverse, featuring apps from ve different categories.App Search Analytics | April 2011 44 5. CHOMP SEARCH METRICSApp Search Analytics | April 2011 55 6. ANDROID QUERIESThe Top Queries list shows the top 25 entries typed into the ChompTop Queries free appssearch box specically for Android during April. *Note: no app names were free gamesentered though Facebook was in the #27 position. games fun App Function vs. App Name fun games utilities productivity entertainment adventure games14% camera music texting social networking puzzle games photography free photography apps tv wallpapers86% free rpg social movies musical instruments calendar App Function music freeAndroid - April 2011 App Name concertsApp Search Analytics | April 2011 66 7. iPHONE AND iPOD QUERIESThe Top Queries list shows the top 25 entries typed into the ChompTop Queriessearch box specically for iOS during April. Compared to March, the ratio free free appsof function vs name queries shifted only 2% in favor of name searches. games free games App Function vs. App Name productivity fun games fun utilities adventure games11% entertainment camera music puzzle games free photography apps photography tness news music free89% social social networking facebook movies texting App Function photoiOS - April 2011 App Name chatApp Search Analytics | April 2011 77 8. A N D R O I D A P P D O W N L O A D S : F R E E V S PA I DOn Chomp, 97% of all Android Downloads were free, a 2% increase over March. The $4.01 - $5prices point stayed consistent with .3% of the download volume since March whereas all other paidapps declined. Android users applied the free lter 12% of the time whereas 33% of all iOS querieswere submitted with the free lter. 0.8%0.01 - 1.00 0.9%1.01 - 2.00 3% Paid0.5%2.01 - 3.00 0.2%3.01 - 4.00 0.3%4.01- 5.00 0.1%5.01 - 6.00 0.0%6.01 - 7.00 0.0%7.01 - 8.00 97% Free 0.0%8.01 - 9.00 0.1%9.01 - 10.00 0.1%OtherApp Search Analytics | April 2011 88 9. i O S A P P D O W N L O A D S : F R E E V S PA I DDevelopers with paid apps in iTunes saw downloads increase by 3.8% combined, compared toMarch. Price points that show the most growth are $.99 (1.9%), $1.99 (.7%), and $2.99 (.6%). Ofapps priced above $14.99, the $23.99 point took 37% of the market share.8.7%0.9917% 2.9%1.99 Paid 2.1%2.990.5%3.990.8%4.990.2%5.990.3%6.990.1%7.990.0%8.9983%Free0.3%9.990.1%14.990.7%OtherApp Search Analytics | April 2011 99 10. M O S T P O P U L A R A N D R O I D C AT E G O R I E SGames and entertainment combine for 10.2% increase since March, securing 46.5% of totaldownloads by category. Other positive trends occurred in photography (+1.2%), music (+.5%),books (+.4%) and healthcare (+.2). The category with the highest loss was utilities (-3.7%).Android users opted to lter their searches for games only 3.2% of the time.29.1% games 1% 17.4% entertainment 2% 2% 14.6% utilities 2% 7.7% social networking5%games 5.4% music 29%photography5.4% productivity5% 4.9% photography 4.6% lifestyleproductivity5% 2.4% travel 2.1% healthcare & tness music 1.8% books5% 1.4% news 0.8% sports social networking 0.7% weather 8%entertainment 0.6% business17% 0.5% nance utilitieseducation 0.4%15% 0.1% medicalApp Search Analytics | April 2011 10 10 11. M O S T P O P U L A R i T U N E S C AT E G O R I E SGame downloads on iOS increased by 7.4% - most over any platform or category in April.Utilities climbs to #3 position from #6 with 2.2% gain over March. Entertainment, Photography andmusic grew 5%, 1.9%, and .2%. Reference fell from position #5 to #7 with a loss of 4.3%. 22.7% entertainment 18.1% games 1%2%8.5% utilities2%2%entertainment 8.4% lifestyle2% 23%7.7% productivity3%5.7% social networking 4% 4.8% reference4.3% photography 4% 3.9% music3.0% education 5% 2.2% travel2.0% businesssocial networkinggames1.9% healthcare & tness6%18%1.6%navigation 1.4%newsproductivity 1.1%books8% utilities 1.0%sports lifestyle8% 9%0.7%nance 0.6%medical 0.4%weatherApp Search Analytics | April 20111111 12. APP USAGE METRICSApp Search Analytics | April 2011 12 12 13. CURRENT EVENT APP SEARCHESApp queries correlate with real time events.April marks opening day and trending app queries for baseball. The highest trafc days are withinone week of opening day. Overall trending for baseball increased by 72% month over monthbetween February and April. Opening Day20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 311 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 MARCH APRILApp Search Analytics | April 2011 1313 14. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S E A R C H T R E N D SFree searches abroad appear 20% more on Android than iOS.The snapshot below represents the top queries and subsequent app downloads on selectcountries around the globe through the Chomp app on Android. Though the US and UK are theonly markets with localized Chomp results, traction is steadily growing in other parts of the world.Top App Queries by CountryTop App Downloads by CountryUnited KingdomCanadaHong Kong United Kingdomfreefreefree games Angry Birdsfree gamesfree gamesfree apps FX Cameragames productivityfun gamesCanadafun games fun games free Pandorafun games fun Angry Birdsutilities fun games cameraadventure games utilities adventure games Hong Kong Slice It FX CameraFranceFranceIndia Australia Angry Birdsfreefreefree Pandorafree gamesutilities free appsIndiautilities entertainment free games FX Cameragames productivityproductivity Unlock with WiFi Freefun games tvfunproductivitycamerautilities Australiafun moviesfun games Pandora Slice ItApp Search Analytics | April 2011 14 14 15. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S E A R C H T R E N D SApp search abroad shows more diversity on iOS.The snapshot below represents the top queries and subsequent app downloads on select countriesaround the globe through the Chomp app on iOS. Though games are the common denominator acrossall countries listed, queries like tness, chat and puzzle were unique to iOS app searchers abroad.Top App Queries by CountryTop App Downloads by CountryUnited KingdomCanadaHong Kong United Kingdomfree gamesfreegame Free Foto Messengerfreefree gamescamera gunmangames gamegames freeCanadafun fun games photography Pandora Radiosocial networking fun tness Adobe Photoshop Expressfun games productivitymusicproductivitymusic productivityHong Kong Pandora Radio Google EarthFranceFranceIndia Australia on iPhoneradio music free apps free Ustream Live Broadcastergames gamegamesIndiamusic freenewsfree games Google Earthphoto entertainment adventure games Bumpchatproductivitypuzzle gamessocial networks calendarphotography Australiatvutilities music Pandora Radio Adobe Photoshop ExpressApp Search Analytics | April 20111515 16. THE CHOMP 55- AndroidApp Search Analytics | April 2011 16 16 17. CHOMPS TOP 55 OF APRIL - AndroidCongratulations to Chomps top 55, our list of the most popular Android apps in April!These apps have captured the hearts and minds of Chomp users over the past month.1TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) Free Social Networking #40 in March2Fruit Slice Free Games Chomp 55 debut3Wi AnalyzerFree Utilities #43 in March4Chase MobileFree Finance Chomp 55 debut5GO Launcher EXFree ProductivityChomp 55 debut6Poynt Free TravelChomp 55 debut7Google Maps Free Travel#1 in March8ASTRO File ManagerFree ProductivityChomp 55 debut9GO SMS ProFree Social Networking Chomp 55 debut 10GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Free TravelChomp 55 debutApp Search Analytics | April 20111717 18. CHOMPS TOP 55 OF APRIL - Android (11 - 55) Mobile34 LauncherPro12Lookout Mobile Security#27 in March 35 Skyre Web Browser 4.013WeatherBug Elite36 Shush! Ringer Restorer14Pandora Internet Radio37 Angry Birds Rio15Titanium Backup #24 in March38 Pulse News #32 in March16Handcent SMS39 Angry Birds Seasons17TuneIn Radio40 Fruit Ninja18BW Animation #38 in March 41 WolframAlpha #7 in March19Urban Dictionary42 SoundHound20Dropbox #51 in March43 Google Translate21ROM Manager 44 eBuddy Messenger22StumbleUpon#35 in March 45 FatBooth23Dolphin Browser HD#30 in March46 ColorNote Notepad Notes24Movies47 Winamp#49 in March25Jewels48 Battery Widgets26Adobe Reader49 SoundHound ($4.99)27App 2 SD Free 50 Google Voice #46 in March28Slacker Radio 51 Mobile Banking29JuiceDefender - battery saver#28 in March 52 Uninstaller#39 in March30WhatsApp Messenger53 Dinner Spinner 54 TV Guide Mobile32Google Reader 55 Gmail#2 in March33My Days - Period & OvulationApp Search Analytics | April 20111818 19. THE CHOMP 55- iOSApp Search Analytics | April 2011 19 19 20. CHOMPS TOP 55 OF APRIL - iOSCongratulations to Chomps top 55, our list of the most popular iPhone apps in April!These apps have captured the hearts and minds of Chomp users over the past month.Trends in the far right column are tracked month-over-month, or in this case October April.1Tweetbot $1.99 Social NetworkingApp debut: Apr 132iMovie $4.99 PhotographyChomp 55 debut3Game Dev Story $3.99 Games#55 Feb, #15 Oct4textPlus Free Text FreeLifestyleChomp 55 debut5iTranslate ~ the free translator FreeProductivity Chomp 55 Dinner SpinnerFreeLifestyleChomp 55 debut7Diptic $1.99 PhotographyChomp 55 debut8Camera+$1.99 Photography#17 Feb, #2 Jan9Tiny Wings $0.99 Games#19 March, #4 Feb 10Dragon Dictation FreeBusiness Chomp 55 debutApp Search Analytics | April 20112020 21. CHOMPS TOP 55 OF APRIL - iOS (11 - 55)11Facebook (#37 Mar, #25 Feb, #23 Jan, #19 Dec, #3 Nov, #29 Oct) 34 Pocket Frogs12IMDb Movies & TV (#20 Mar, #37 Feb, #43 Jan) 35 Retina Wallpapers HD w Glow Effects (#23 Feb, #38 Dec)13Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift(#54 Feb, #17 Jan, #2 Dec) 36 How To Videos from Howcast.com14Instagram (#47 Mar, #30 Dec, #14 Nov, #19 Oct) 37 Target15Angry Birds (#32 Mar, #39 Feb, #42 Nov, #37 Oct) 38 Cut the Rope (#38 Feb, #18 Jan, #26 Dec, #12 Nov, #20 Oct)16Pandora Radio(#26 Feb, #35 Jan, #27 Dec, #13 Nov, #26 Oct) 39 - Dictionary & Thesaurus40 Remote (# 54 Mar, #55 Nov)18AppShopper (#36 Mar, #20 Dec)41 TextNow - Unlimited Free Texting and Picture Messaging19Tweet42 Pano(#34 Jan)20Lose It! 43 Momento (Diary/Journal) (#27 Mar, #1 Jan)21Tumblr 44 8mm Vintage Camera (#8 Feb)22OvenBreak - Lite(#34 Mar, #36 Jan, #22 Dec)45 Kindle23Unofcial iJustine (#18 Mar, #37 Jan)46 Netix (#22 Mar, #18 Feb, #28 Jan, #33 Dec, #22 Nov, #24 Oct)24Cut the Rope Lite(#30 Mar, #19 Jan, #52 Dec, #17 Oct)47 Google Search(#52 Mar) Personal Finance(#54 Dec) 48 Waze - Social GPS navigation (#28 Mar, #31 Feb, #18 Oct)26Flight Control 49 MyTown27Google Earth(#51 Jan, #53 Dec) 50 The Weather Channel28Plants vs. Zombies(#36 Feb, #49 Jan, #43 Dec)51 Wikipedia Mobile(#48 Mar #15 Feb)29Choice of the Dragon 52 Instapaper (#44 Dec, #26 Nov)30TonePad (#46 Jan)53 Skype (#51 Feb, #52 Jan, #33 Nov)31TETRIS (#3 Jan)54 WebMD Mobile (#4 Mar)32Mashable!55 Sky Burger(#55 Mar, #53 Nov)33Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, SketchApp Search Analytics | April 2011 21 21 22. THANK YOU!For questions, comments or additionalinformation, please email robin@chomp.comApp Search Analytics | April 2011 22 22