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APIs for App Developers Marsh Gardiner @earth2marsh Apigee @apigee

APIs for App Developers

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My slides from renaissance.io. http://renaissance.io/sessions/apis_for_app_developers

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2. 5 years from now 3. and even BaaS StackMob Parse Usergrid 4. 5 years from now 5. Four quick tips tohelp you survive. 6. Four survival tips recap Understand the business model Consider their lifecycle Dont ignore the Terms of Service Never forget youre sharecropping 7. There will be issues Authentication Authorization APIs not under your control Cross Origin Resource Sharing Logic Bloat in Presentation Tier 8. Presentation image image image 9. Logic 10. Data 11. A 3-Tier Web ArchitectureimageimageimagePresentationHTTP Mobile Web LogicBinaryWebData 12. The New 3-Tier ArchitectureimageimagePresentationimageMobile Web WebHTTP PROXY Tech LogicHTTP APIsBizLogic Data 13. Start with the presentation tier. 14. Look for APIs to meet app requirements. 15. You will run into issues and blockers eventually. 16. Work around blockers with the proxy. 17. Watch for bloat in the presentation tier. Movetechnical bloat to proxy. 18. Watch for bloat in the proxy.Move business logic bloat behind an API. 19. Move non-functional requirements from individualAPIs to proxy. 20. apigee.com/about/api-best-practices 21. THANK YOUContact me at:@[email protected]