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Useful information about the professional camera lenses including fisheye lenses, wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, macro lenses. Know about the advantages of camera lenses with various popular varieties and factors to consider while buying such lenses. Get the most professional camera lenses, here from -

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2. All about Professional Camera Lenses Nikon JAA793DC 55-200MM F4-5.6G AF-S DX BLACK LENSCamera lenses are the most vital component of any camera, and the most expensive too. They are responsible for forming images and determine picture quality and various stylistic aspects. There are various lenses on the market provided by established companies which include: Sony lenses, Canon lenses, Fujinon lenses, Nikon lenses and Panasonic lenses. Depending on the intended use, lenses come in different specifications. 3. Fisheye Lenses Fisheye lenses are used purely for their special effects. They are designed in such a way that they create a hemispherical image. The image appears a bit distorted, which is their main appeal. They utilize extra wide angles to create an image that is both stunning and unique. 4. Wide-angle Lenses Wide-angle lenses are used when an expansive object or scenery needs to be captured. Wide-angle lenses range anywhere from 24- 35mm. But with an increase in size, there is more distortion. They can also be used for emphatic effect with images in the foreground appearing larger than those in the background. 5. Telephoto Lenses These are long-focus lenses and are mainly used for professional photography. They can be pretty costly but shoot breathtaking photos with unparalleled detail. They are ideal for taking photos of subjects over long distances and are thus favored for wildlife and sports photography. 6. Macro Lenses These are used to create a close-up view of relatively small objects. They work by forming the image on the focal plane and are useful for showcasing minute details. 7. Advantages of Professional Lenses The benefits of professional lenses include: Extremely high-quality images If resolution is what youre looking for, then professional lenses can provide this using such varieties as the telephoto lens. Artistic Appeal They enable you to manipulate the objects around you using a complex set-up of lenses. Greater Choice They provide you with a wide variety to choose from. Depending on your photography needs, you can get a lens that suits you. Improved editing You can easily correct the images using such features as red eye lenses technology. 8. Popular Varieties of Camera Lenses There are many players in the market offering a wide variety of lenses. Nikon lenses are world-renowned for their quality, and work supremely well with digital cameras. Sony lenses have been around for ages and provide many options for amateurs and professionals alike. Canon lenses feature specialized varieties such as the portrait and telephoto lens for breathtaking photography. With Panasonic lenses, you receive absolute value for your money every time. Fujinon lenses come from the same creators of Fujifilm; you are therefore assured of a product provided by a highly-reputable company in the photography industry. Click here to find the best range of professional camera lenses. 9. Factors to Consider While Buying Professional Camera Lenses Buying a professional lens is a considerable investment. You therefore have to take into account several factors to make sure you end up with a desirable product. Nikon JAA125DA 24MM F2.8D AF NIKKOR LENS The purpose of the camera- Different needs require different lenses. Budget- Professional lenses can be quite expensive, your budget will dictate the lens you get. Versatility- It is important to get a lens that is flexible enough to be used in various ways. Technology- Those that incorporate modern technology such as red eye lenses are more beneficial in the long-run. 10. Contact Us Digibroadcast Company Limited Unit 15D Oakcroft Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1RH, London, UK Telephone: +44(0)208 397 1407 FAX:+44(0)208 397 5055 Email: 11. Thank You Digibroadcast Company Limited