Adventures in Content Management

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Trying to implement content management at work? Thinking about it? Here are some of the issues you need to be aware of.

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  • 1.Adventures in Content Management Joomla, WordPress, Contribute & More Mark Farmer

2. Who the heck this is for Implementing a CMS at work Trying to decide whether or not to implement a CMS at work Trying to manage content better, CMS or not 3. Take-aways Better insight into the choice of platform Managing content & contributors Some of the gotchyas, platform-specific or related to CMSs in general 4. Anyone attend my 2009 talk? How many developers? How many designers? Content managers? WordPress Joomla Drupal Contribute Not using one, but planning to in next 6 months Quick survey 5. SECTION 1 The Software Help! I have too much stuff! Only ever encountered one reason people implement a CMS: Too much content Web team cant keep up Implementing a CMS is disruptive. 6. Picking the Right Platform First question is likely what platform? The right questions: A. Whats it going to be used for? B. Whos going to use it? A is important & straightforward. Blog? Portal? Other? 7. Picking the Right Platform 8. Picking the Right Platform 9. Picking the Right Platform 10. Picking the Right Platform 11. Picking the Right Platform B: Whos going to use it is just as important WYSIWYG Interface Dont assume that just because you build it, theyll use it Stay tuned for a couple of websites that will help you decide which to choose 12. CMS varieties Its tricky to rock a rhyme... and Joomla Dont believe the hype Dont overpromise on timelines The learning curve / frustration curve The good news You can make it do pretty much anything, with enough elbow grease So dont let the curves hold you back 13. CMS varieties Its all about the extensibility Behold the power of WordPress! 14. CMS varieties 15. CMS varieties (E-mail me to a link for more examples of sites like this) 16. CMS varieties My focus: Joomla, WordPress & Contribute 17. Comparison shopping The CMS Matrix Open-source CMS ratings php.opensourcecms. com/general/ratings. php 18. #1: Contribute Completely different metaphor Template-based (or not) Apply retroactively to a site $199 but discount for non-profits I love you, WYSIWYG/Window EDC, yeah you know me EcoKids 19. #1: Contribute 20. #1: Contribute The importance of a friendly (inter)face A control issue Dev/pub Security Q/A Time saver This is important, because of the number of clients who implement CMSs and then dont use them 21. #2: Joomla The obvious comparison: Drupal Extensibility Pre-installation The App Store of CMSs Do you need that many...? 22. Joomla Deceptively simple & template-driven... ...but counter-intuitive Menus drive the content Blank slate? Many files in WP vs... one in Joomla 23. Joomla gotchyas The wonderful world of extensions: Dont believe the hype The Black Box concept Graphical nav bar woes My recommendation? Get someone else to pay you to learn how to do it. Like much of web design, most of this is 25% IQ & 75% brute force/persistence 24. Joomla more gotchyas Couple more quickies: Dont forget to turn on the cache after primary development is over Enable user/SEO-friendly URLs GoDaddy is weird 25. Joomla vs. Drupal: not a make-or-break decision Drupal: sounds like RuPaul, but not 26. Drupal: sounds like RuPaul, but not 27. Like Joomla, play by the rules and no one gets hurt Joomla does a better job up front, Drupal better behind the scenes, faster. Big changes on the front-end in ver. 7 Weird science: taxonomy, blocks Drupal: sounds like RuPaul, but not 28. WordPress Layout very different, again Easier to produce a custom layout Templates & themes 29. WordPress But test, test, test! Plugins less buggy, easier to activate than Joomla/Drupal 30. WordPress & Language Setting the language & uploading the language plug-in a no-go Required customization of the PHP Skinning not too hard ;customizing on the PHP level is Plug: Super Finder 31. SECTION 2 The Peopleware The biggest challenge in content management isnt the software, its the people You are going to spend a lot of time educating your client. Accept this. 32. Build it, but they wont come Clients that have CMSs but dont use them. Why? Lack of education Intimidating Too much work/time Doesnt get used 33. Play Play. Its important Sandbox: Dev/pub 34. Secret Weapon #2: Funnels 35. Secret Weapon #2: Funnels 36. Resources Web: Books: Groups: 37. Thank you E-mail: Site: Blog: Twitter: markus64 Facebook: markus64 LinkedIn: markfarmer64 Feedback: