Advantages of building a website with joomla

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  1. 1. Advantages of Building a Website With Joomla
  2. 2. Contents 1. Free Platform 2. Develop a Variety of Websites 3. Ease of Use 4. Beautiful Themes 5. Easy to Create Menu 6. The Infrastructure 7. Cache
  3. 3. Free Platform Joomla is an open source CMS and makes it really easy to build and manage, personal and business websites Open source free platform The source codes are also free and the and can be used easily as required
  4. 4. Joomla enables simpler creation of all sorts of websites including - blogs, corporate and e-commerce. Joomla helps with multiple modules that help it to create applications and websites for larger organisation Develop a Variety of Websites
  5. 5. Ease of Use The platform offers easy to use interface and does not require HTML knowledge The Joomla CMS has to be installed into the system and one can easily start creating and managing a website
  6. 6. Beautiful Themes Get beautifully designed templates and themes for your Joomla website Themes are an easy way to design your website and make it look more professional
  7. 7. Easy to Create Menu Joomla provides one of the easiest tools to create a site menu One can very easily create various menu items with various hierarchies. Joomla makes this process extremely simple for the common user
  8. 8. The Infrastructure Joomla is a very adaptable platform and can integrate with and adapt to a variety of environments. Joomla is a LAMP web app and this makes it a very flexible platform to build your website on
  9. 9. Cache An internal cache helps a Joomla site to be much faster than other sites The feature also keeps from adding too much load on the website server .
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