Advanced MQTT and Kura - EclipseCON 2014

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Best Practices for Topic Namespaces in M2M Applications EclipseCON 2014, San Francisco


  • 1.Advanced MQTT and Kura Best Practices for Topic Namespaces in M2M Applications EclipseCon 2014, March 19th

2. IOT MQTT System Topology Sensors Actuators Legacy Systems Smart Machines M2M Multi Services Gateway Human / Machine Interfaces Meters Console/Port al APIs Business Logic 3. Request and Response in MQTT Use cases Device Firmware/Software Updates Did the device get the update? When? Was it valid & installed? Configuration Updates Same Questions Remote Resource Control/Interaction Device management/Backend business logic needs to start/stop/interact with a device side service Control of actuators Dynamic status requests Remote Command execution Remote Service Control/Interaction Other considerations Extensibility, mutitenancy, client addressing, multiple applications, resource management 4. MQTT Topic Space Considerations Data Topics Used for push of sensor data, metrics, or other data Example: [account_id]/[client_id]/... Control Topics Used for dynamic request/response interactions between clients Example: CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/ Separate data from control topics Provides increased granularity on ACLs Allows for segregation of persistent and transient data 5. MQTT Request Verbs Request CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/GET/[resource_id] CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/POST/[resource_id] CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/PUT/[resource_id] CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/DEL/[resource_id] CTL/[account_id]/[client_id]/[app_id]/EXEC/[resource_id] Response CTL/[account_id]/[requester_client_id]/[app_id]/REPLY/[req_id] REST Like 6. Request/Response Example Flow Responder (device1) Requester (manager1) Responder Subscribes on request topic: CTL/kura/device1/CONF-V1/GET/configurations Requester Generates request metadata (for request payload): request_id: 1363603920892 request_client_id: manager1 Subscribes on reply topic: CTL/kura/manager1/CONF-V1/REPLY/1363603920892 Requester Sends MQTT request CTL/kura/device1/CONF-V1/GET/configurations Responder Handles request and generates response using request specific parameters in the payload of the request [request_id] and [request_client_id] included in request payload Manditory response code Optional application specific parameters Optional logs, exceptions, stacktraces, etc Responder Sends response to requesting client CTL/kura/manager1/CONF-V1/REPLY/1363603920892 7. Response Codes response_code 200 (RESPONSE_CODE_OK) 400 (RESPONSE_CODE_BAD_REQUEST) 404 (RESPONSE_CODE_NOTFOUND) 500 (RESPONSE_CODE_ERROR) response_exception_message Optional and contains error message if an error occurred response_stacktrace_message Optional and contains a stacktrace HTTP Like 8. Kura Cloudlet Uses Kura Cloud Client Allows for one MQTT connection across many applications Built in configurable store/forward of messages on device Handles callback routing to applications based on [app_id] Offers simple overrides for request/response operations 9. Kura Cloudlet 10. Thank You