Accessing Your Existing SAP NetWeaver Portal on Mobile Device

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  • 1.[ Accessing your existing SAP NetWeaver Portal on mobiledevicesDavid Kviti, Aviad Rivlin Product ManagementDong Pan Customer Solution Adoption

2. [ Portal On Device Overview & motivation Solution details and release planning Alignment with Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) DemoReal Experience. Real Advantage.2 3. [ Overview & MotivationReal Experience. Real Advantage. 3 4. [Provide a mobile framework, leveraging existing portal infrastructure and services while using a flexible, modern, high-performance user interface anduser experience chosen by the customerReal Experience. Real Advantage.4 5. [ Portal in the Overall SAP Strategy Easy consumption via browser or mobile devices Appealing branding based on Ajax Framework Aligned offering with Sybase portfolio Smart integration with on demand solutions (SAP and third party services) Social Intelligence tools for SAP StreamWork Support for common web standards Improvements for portal core (TCO reduction) Enhancing Enterprise Workspaces Professional Web Content Management Professional Document Management Reliable infrastructure with minimal TCOReal Experience. Real Advantage.5 6. [ Consuming the portal into mobile devices UI Channels 3rd Party PortalOnDemandPersonal PC Tablet Mobile DeviceNetWeaverPortal Data Providers Enterprise Workspaces3rd Party Platforms Content & Collaboration SAP R3 HanaGateway Business Objects SAP BIReal Experience. Real Advantage.6 7. [ Motivation Native or web? While native applications serve a specific business process the portal providesapplications in a context plus unstrucutred content like news and documentsReal Experience. Real Advantage.7 8. [ Motivation Self-Managed, Managed or both? Native apps can be selected by the user from a Store, apps integrated into a portalare centrally managed > provided based on users role and device type In addition the portal provides personalization capabilities with EnterpriseWorkspaces The portal already comes with the right governance and maintenancemechanisms in one single, central placeReal Experience. Real Advantage.8 9. [ Solution details and release planningReal Experience. Real Advantage. 9 10. [ Single point of access for any device /irj/portal/mobile* Rule Collection 1 23Framework 1 Framework 2 Framework 3SAP NetWeaver Portal (> 7.3 SP5)AdministrationSSO SSO SSO LDAP Real Experience. Real Advantage.10 11. [ Re-use: Portal Services and ObjectsMobile portal customers can consume the following assets and services fromthe underlying NetWeaver Portal infrastructure:Authentication & SecurityUser/Group profilePortal Services Portal Objects(Single sign on, Session management) (Roles, applications, users) Internationalization Collaboration & Social capabilities(Translation, RTL support) (Workspaces, Wikis, Forums) Branding Personalization(Look & Feel customization)(Favorites, page personalization, etc.) Scalability & Maintainability Static content(Cluster support, update/upgrade services) (Articles, web pages) Application Delivery Content management(web applications management, Enterprise (Documents, workflows, etc.)standards) Contextual services Connectivity and System Landscape(Additional meta data for users and(SAP & Non SAP connectivity capabilities toapplication)Backend systems and repositories) Real Experience. Real Advantage.11 12. [ Delivery plan phase I Phase 1: Implement your own mobile framework page based on a How-To Guide and SAP NetWeaver 7.30 SP5 Portal Mobile Framework UI a How-To Guide with code examples to allow customers to build their own mobile framework page be it for smartphone or tablet. Key Benefits for customers: Leverage the services of the portal in a custom specific framework page Open for custom specific layouting and look&feel Real Experience. Real Advantage. 13. [ Delivery plan phase II Phase 2: SAP NetWeaver Portal will provide infrastructure for enablement of light-weight web applications for mobile consumption in SAP NetWeaver 7.30 SP7 Portal Mobile Framework UI a dedicated UI for smart-phones (SP7) and tablets (in next releases), leveraging all key portal services in an innovative HTML5 based client. All capabilities will be maintained by an administration environment based on the portal paradigms. O-Data Service Enablement Key portal services will be exposed in O-Data via REST, services for consumption in SUP and in HTML5 clients. The portal will expose data such as user role assignments, user profile information, users personalized data (e.g. favorites), landscape information, documents, and more. Key Benefits for customers: Out-of-the-box framework page for smartphone and tablet (next release) Leveraging portal services alongside business data (with actual business requirements from customers such as Colgate, Intel) Real Experience. Real Advantage. 14. [ End user viewReal Experience. Real Advantage. 14 15. [Positioning with Sybase Unwired PlatformReal Experience. Real Advantage. 15 16. [ Alignment with SUPMobile BrowserNative ApplicationAccess information and Native Business Appservices via out of the box can use portal services (via mobile framework page SUP container)running in the browser (Lab preview)SUP/AfariaHTTPsOData/RESTSAP NetWeaver Portal ServicesReal Experience. Real Advantage.16 17. [ DemoReal Experience. Real Advantage.17 18. [ Further information General Information Follow us on Twitter:!/PORTAL_SAP Demo videos: Decisions Makers Overview information on Technical Consultants, Developers & Architects SCN Portal Community: Detailed release notes for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Project Managers Release Notes, Documentation: > SAP NetWeaver SAP Release Brochure: Partners Partner Portal: Solutions on SAP EcoHub: Experience. Real Advantage. 18 19. 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Real Advantage. 19 20. [ Thank you for participating. Please remember to complete and return yourevaluation form following this session.For ongoing education on this area of focus, visit the Year-Round Community page at ] [SESSION CODE: 2204Real Experience. Real Advantage. 20