6 Compelling Reasons, Why a Windows 8 App is what Your Business Needs

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  1. 1. 6 Compelling Reasons, Why a Windows 8 App is what Your Business Needs Microsoft is betting heavily on Windows 8 and we can understand why. Until now, Windows OS was synonymous with PCs and notebooks and thats set to change with Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft has adopted an all new approach and its evident from their uniquely themed interface called Metro. Theres more intuitive stuff to play around on Windows 8 but here is the interesting bit: with Windows 8, Microsoft is making a full-fledged entry into the app market. Windows 8s underlying theme is about apps and the app store. Windows 8 is also setting a new trend by extending Windows 8 to mobiles and tablets along with PCs. Microsofts own hybrid notebook - tablet touch interface, proper notebook, all rolled in one is a demonstration of where Microsoft is heading. With multi-device capability and the option to make apps scalable across different screens, its all good news for windows mobile app developers. Having given you the brief about Windows 8, lets look at 6 compelling reasons that show why Windows 8 app is good for your business. 1. Windows 8 and the Competition The potential of Windows 8 to reach a wider audience in comparison to Apples iOS and Googles Android. While the latter two cater only to the mobile and tablet market, Windows 8 is pioneering the era of apps for PCs and notebooks. Your Windows 8 app not only reaches the mobile/tablet market, it has the huge potential of reaching the PC/notebook market as well. We at Software Developers UK can help you design that killer Windows 8 app thats fully scalable across multiple devices and screens. 2. Replicate the Success of Popular Apps on Windows 8 Windows 8s app market is growing and there is a huge business potential in making apps that have been successful in Android and iOS. Some of the trending apps of Googles Play or Apples App Store are yet to find their way into Windows 8 app market. We can help you have the first mover advantage here and replicate the success these apps enjoy on other platforms in Windows 8 app market. 3. Domination of Windows OS in the PC/Notebook Market Windows OS is the dominant player in the PC/notebook market. Some of the top OEM notebook manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony still rely on Windows for their OS. With your cutting edge Windows 8 app, turn this ubiquitous nature of Windows OS to your advantage. 4. Windows 8 App Market is App Developer Friendly So, you have your Windows 8 app on the App market. Microsoft doesnt want to leave you with just marketing your app. Their mouth-watering incentives are a treat for windows mobile app developers. For starters, Microsoft shares 80% of the revenue with you when your app grosses $25000 or more on downloads. They also have other innovative and app developer friendly monetization schemes that are too good to resist. All you need is a trend setting Windows 8 app and thats what we at Software Developers UK passionately do - churn out trendsetting apps. 5. Windows 8s Global Presence Windows 8 app market has a global footprint now, with 200 markets in its kitty and still counting. The potential target audience for your Windows 8 app is massive and we would love to help you reach that massive target with your Windows 8 app.
  2. 2. 6. Experienced Experts We at Software Developers UK, take pride in the quality work of our handpicked team of Windows Mobile App developers. Their experience in this field is nothing short of amazing and their passion in bringing your idea to fruition can be experienced through your very own Windows 8 app. Our global clients bear testimony to the passion that we evoke in designing trend-setting Windows 8 apps. We welcome you to be part of us and see for yourselves the quality of work and attention to detail. You can check our website www.softwaredevelopers.co.uk or you can speak to our team of Windows mobile app developers on 020 3617 1881.