5. manuel arcedillo & juanjo arevalillo (hermes) translation memories

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<ul><li>1.Translation memories Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Lingsticos</li></ul> <p>2. A brief history 3. Processes have changedbut not the ultimate goal. 4. Productivity 5. Found in Translation, Nataly Kelly &amp; Jost Zetzsche(2012) 6. LAN Translation Memory LAN ServerProject ManagersTranslatorsEngineeringRevisers 7. WAN TranslatorReviserDTPerProject ManagerINTERNETTranslation Memory LAN Server Project ManagersTranslatorsEngineeringRevisers 8. Clouding CrowdsourcingMT TEnTsCAT SaaS Translation MemoryLAN Server Project ManagersEngineeringRevisers Translators 9. Internals of a translation memory 10. Translation Memory ExchangeOSCAR (Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use) TMX Standard (Translation Memory eXchange). Leveraging of translation memories regardless the tool or platform. 11. The ancestors of CAT ToolsXL8DOS tool in a workflow known as XLN 12. IBM TranslationManagerTranslation proposalExact matchSource textProposed terms in dictionary 13. Trados Workbench 14. Dj-Vu 15. Star Transit (no memory!) 16. WordFast 17. SDLx 18. memoQ 19. OmegaT (free!) 20. Workflow tools: Across 21. Across 22. SDL Idiom World Server 23. Specialised tools: Catalyst 24. Specialised tools: Passolo 25. Basic TM features in CAT tools Leverage of previous translations. Analysis for quoting, planning and keeping track of progress. Concordance for sub-segment searches. Maintenance to perform global changes, import/export content, etc. 26. Leveraging TMsCAT tools provide answers to these questions: What is the fuzzy match of the segment? What parts of the text are different? Where is the match coming from? 27. Fuzzy match display 28. Fuzzy match display (II) 29. Fuzzy match display (III) 30. Fuzzy match display (IV) 31. Analysis feature Every word from each segment is assigned to a different match band: 101% 100% 99-95% 94-85% 84-75% New words Repetitions 32. Analysis results 33. Different tools, different word counts CAT Tool 1CAT Tool 2101%41,352101%29,782100%4194100%16,00299-95%369899-95%603894-85%207794-85%263384-75%527084-75%1369New words5241New words6150Repetitions2068Repetitions5451Total63,900Total58,425 34. Different word counts There is no standard fuzzy matching algorithm. CAT tools may have different auto-substitution elements: numbers, dates, acronyms, variables, etc. Different approaches to 101% matches. Cross-file repetitions and internal fuzzy leverage. Different file format filters. Different segmentation rules. SRX is the standard for segmentation rules. 35. Weighted word count Each band is assigned a percentage of the full word rate according to a weighting scheme (negotiable per client). For example: 101% 0% 100%20%99-95%30%94-85%40%84-75%50%New words100%Repetitions20% 36. Different tools, different word counts (II) CAT Tool 1 Band41,352Weighted wordsWords101%CAT Tool 2x 0%BandWords0101%29782Weighted words x 0%0100%4194 x 20%839100%16002 x 20%320099-95%3698 x 30%110999-95%6038 x 30%181194-85%2077 x 40%83194-85%2633 x 40%105384-75%5270 x 50%263584-75%1369 x 50%684New words5241 x 100%5241New words6150 x 100%6150Repetitions2068 x 20%414Repetitions5451 x 20%109011,069TotalTotal63,90058,42514,989 37. Weigted word count tools 38. TMs and statistical analysis If big enough, TMs provide the bilingual corpus necessary to build SMT engines. Some CAT tools can scan the TM in search of correlation between words in source and target. </p>


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