4 apps musicians should grab today

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Phone apps for musicians help sign contracts, handle travel receipts, and record keeping. Find out which apps are best for music businesses from Growth Group.



2. Apps make life a bit easierALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 3. especially for artists in the musicindustry.ALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 4. Managing the business side of yourmusic can be difficult,ALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 5. since youre often on the road*.*Based on my experience with artists, the receipts disappear,get faded in the back window of your tour van,or never make it out of your jeans pocket.ALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 6. With all that in mind, here are 4 appsyou might want to add to your phone.ALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 7. Note: My name is Alexis Kimbroughand I approve these apps. I use themto manage business at Growth Group. Iwont recommend things I dont usemyself. What sense would that make?!ALEXIS M. KIMBROUGH GROWTHGROUP.COM 8. 1. XeroBeautiful accounting softwareWhy would a musiciandownload an accountingapp? You should producegood records, not justproduce them.Xero allows you to link toyour bank account so thatall of your expenses are inone place. You can also sendinvoices to venues directlyfrom the app, and snapphotos of receipts whileyoure on tour.ALEXISKIMBROUGH.COM GROWTHGROUP.COM 9. 2. ExpensifyTravel made easyThose receipts will nolonger disappear! Simplysnap a photo and the appreads the receipt for you.Expensify also keeps track ofyour car mileage for trips inthe tour van and flightstatus. This company is SOprogressive theyvepartnered with UBER tooffer you a ride to/from theairport based on your flightand hotel arrangements.ALEXISKIMBROUGH.COM GROWTHGROUP.COM 10. 3. Bill.comPay and Get PaidPaying your backup singers,drummer, guitarist, orkeyboardist just got easier.Direct deposit theirpayment from your phoneand leave the paper checksat home.Bill.com also gets you paidfaster! Simply send aninvoice to the venue or clubowner and the funds will bedirect deposited into yourbank account. Cant beat it!ALEXISKIMBROUGH.COM GROWTHGROUP.COM 11. 4. DocusignGet Contracts Signed QuicklySmart musicians signcontracts, and require themof the people they workwith, to protect themselves.Docusign allows you toclose the deal faster bygetting the contract signedon the spot, from your cellphone! You can send W-9forms to your sessionmusicians, or sign anagreement with a venue.ALEXISKIMBROUGH.COM GROWTHGROUP.COM


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