3 Computer Franchise Business Funding Options (Slides)

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http://ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.com SUMMARY SLIDES: Learn how you can raise capital from friends and family in order to start a computer franchise business. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc. http://www.sphomerun.com/blog/bid/74054/3-Computer-Franchise-Business-Funding-Options


<ul><li> 1. SPHomeRun.com3 Computer Franchise BusinessFunding OptionsCourtesy of theSmall Business Computer Consulting Bloghttp://blog.sphomerun.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comAre You AnAspiringEntrepreneur WhoIs Interested In 3. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comSetting Up aComputer FranchiseBusiness? 4. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThe ThreeFs Arethe Best Source ofInitial Capital 5. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com1. Family Members 6. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com2. Friends 7. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com3. Fools 8. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comConsult With anAttorney &amp; anAccountingProfessional 9. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comWhere Are You inthe FundingProcess of GettingYour Business Offthe Ground? 10. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comPlease ShareYour Thoughts inthe CommentsArea Below 11. SPHomeRun.com Recommended Reading:13 Computer Franchisesthat Start Up and SupportComputer Repair, IT Consulting, andManaged Service Provider BusinessesDownload this Free Special Report Now at ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc. </p>


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