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  • 1. AIESEC SEATTLE (full member) Ong Wan-Jun, LCP seattle-president@aiesecus.org 347.766.3586

2. 1. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD3. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 4. EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE5. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION 3. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 4. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD2012 OGX Ra: 117 Ma: 51 Rea: 482013 OGX Ra: 80 Ma: 45 Rea: 482012 ICX Ra: 2 Ma: 2 Rea: 22013 ICX Ra: 4 Ma: 2 Rea: 2 5. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD2012 TM TMP: 66 TLP: 272013 TM TMP: 72 TLP: 25NPS: 33 # EB Apps: 11Net Profit: $11,056.32 Balance: $12,414 6. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD2013 LC VisionLC Vision: AIESEC Seattle is the first-choice platform for experiential leadership and cultural opportunities in the Greater Seattle Area. 7. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD Our vision is not that of the 2013 EB, but that of the 2013 LC. Together, we went through a lengthy 3-month process of SWOT and risk analyses, jot down each members 2013 hopes and dreams, and then synthesized everything into a short, powerful statement:Leadership that Matters, Impact that Lasts. With the above, we hoped to be recognized as the premier leadership organization on the University of Washington grounds that provide impactful college experiences. We knew that step one of doing so will be to banish the best-kept secret AIESEC moniker. Collectively throughout 2013, we managed to organized 50+ events and projects, gave all our BoA members and campus partners impactful experiences (Excellent BoA Award, Most Collaborative Student Organization Award) and ensured that our members and customers were satisfied with their experiences. Nowadays, we walk through campus and people actually recognize the AIESEC brand. They associate it with exploration, cultural immersion, and boundless opportunities. They also associate us as a trusted voice for youth. 2013 will go down in history as a great year for AIESEC Seattle.2013 LC Vision 8. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. LOW PRESENCE ON CAMPUS - Organized 50+ projects and events to increase our campus-wide awareness - 1771 followers on social media and market reach of 1% in school of 40,000 - Creation of partnerships with 5 school departments and programs - Won Most Collaborative Student Organization from the School of Business 2. LOW ENGAGEMENT WITH ALUMNI - assignment of BoA members as mentors to each EB member - assignment of AIESEC Life members as mentors to seniors / recent graduates - organization of Appreciation Gala as a networking event for alumni and members - inviting alumni to provide skills training in monthly LCMs - alumni hosted Spring NPM cruise - won Excellent BoA Award 3. LOW ENGAGEMENT WITH NATIONAL PLENARY (geographical factors) - hosted Spring NPM (bringing AIESEC US to Seattle) - generous conference subsidies program for members ($12,000 in 2013) - hosted April Seattle TtT - active utilization of NTP (3 requests in 2013) 4. LACK OF FUNCTIONAL SYNERGY - emphasis on the strategic triangleWorking on Bottlenecks 9. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. FUNCTIONAL SYNERGY The optimization of the strategic triangle to push performance in the LC. The OGX teams took into account Comms capacity before forming goals for the year. The TM team worked with Finance to create a generous conference incentive program ($12,000 in 2013). The Middle Manager (MM) layer of leadership also helps reinforce this through bi-weekly MM meetings and socials. 2. CULTURE OF TRANSPARENCY Even as a big LC (72 members), we prioritized smooth information flow between the EB to the LC, and vice versa: collaborative formation of 2013 LC Vision PODIO as main documents bank feedback gathering at conclusion of every project Strategies each VP conducts one-on-one coaching with members Middle Managers invited to attend EBM every month to be weekly LC Newsletters announce LC activities Replicated LCMs starts off with a 2-minute appreciation session to highlight members contribution to LC 10. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD3. INVESTMENTS TOWARDS TALENT DEVELOPMENT We were audacious enough to invest $12,700 to send members (and members of AIESEC Davis) to attend, facilitate, and organize AIESEC conferences throughout the world. The LC also subsidizes members OGX exchange fees by 50% to incentive them to go on an AIESEC exchange. In addition, we spent almost $5,000 organizing exchange-related projects and events on campus to further cement our brand and presence.Strategies to be Replicated 11. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. OGX5. FIN4. TM - Ra: 80 - Ma: 45 - Rea: 48- 25 TLP opportunities - 1 NTT Request for sales training2. ICX- Ra: 4 - Ma: 2 - Rea: 2 - 1 sales training from Senior VP at Deloitte6. LCP - doubled OGX sales force oGIP and oGCDP) - initiated 5 on-campus OGX partnerships - initiated strong ties w AIESEC Life- $12,000 conference sponsorship - $4,000 investment into Exchange activities - Subsidized members OGX exchange fees by 50%3. COMM - 343 attendees at OGX info sessions - hosted Global Village with 300 attendees - 1 partnership with Lenati (a consulting firm) to help structure marketing strategyContribution to Exchange 12. AIESEC Seattle is no longer the best-kept secret on the grounds of the University of Washington. 2013 Legacy 13. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 1. WEST COAST REGION - 4 facilitators at Fall West Coast RoKS - 1 Regional Chair a. Davis IG -hosting relationship -2 coaching visits to Davis -Weekly skype calls to LCP Davis -Provided local compendium template -EB correspondence between both LCs - $700 conference funding for WNC 13/14 - $100 to purchase business folders b. San Jose -helped with LCP transition of Daryl to Amie -helped with LCP transition of Amie to Imran c. Arizona State - collaborated with LCP Arizona to pioneer the potential VPs track at West Coast RoKS - chaired Pebbles Conference d. San Francisco - provided alumni lead to restart AIESEC Berkeley2. AIESEC US - Chaired AIESEC DC 2014 EB Transition weekend - Hosted Spring NPM - Hosted April TtT - 2 WNC 13/14 facilitators - 1 NTT Coordinator - 1 Fall LaTx RoKS facilitator3. International plenary - LCP AIESEC Lund, Sweden - 1 facilitator at AIESEC Serbia NatCo - 1 CEEDer to AIESEC Serbia - 1 CEEDer to AIESEC Laos - 5 IC CC membersContribution to National Plenary 14. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARDAIESEC Seattle 2013 Infographic: tinyurl.com/seattlewnc13 15. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD 16. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Absolute Growth in OGX: -56.25% (Mizzou)Return to FullMember: 0Entities hosted: Mizzou Davis # of Coaching visits: 2 (Davis)Investment:$800Absolute Growth in ICX: 0% (Mizzou) 17. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Mizzou (extended Official Expansion): We knew that Mizzou only require one more TN to achieve full membership: 1. Assigned a former LCP as main coach for AIESEC Mizzou 2. Periodic check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP Mizzou 3. Help with selection of new VP OGX in April 2013Davis (Initiative Group): As an IG, our energies were focused on getting AIESEC Davis to OE status by WNC 2013-14: 1. Organized weekly skype check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP Davis 2. Organized periodic communication between EB Seattle and EB Davis 3. Funded $700 as travel subsidy for the AIESEC Davis delegation to WNC 2013-14 ($175 per delegate) 4. Sent 2 coaches from the NTT pool to AIESEC Davis to help with TM recruitment and retention (Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, and Mandy Tai) Support 5. Provided template for AIESEC Davis to create their own AIESEC on compendium leadership 18. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD Mizzou (extended Official Expansion): We knew that Mizzou only require one more TN to achieve full membership: 1. Organized periodic communication between VP ICX Seattle and VP ICX Mizzou 2. Assigned a former LCP as main coach for AIESEC Mizzou 3. Periodic check-ins between LCP Seattle and LCP MizzouDavis (Initiative Group): As an IG, our energies were focused on getting AIESEC Davis to OE status by WNC 2013-14: 1. Funded $100 business folders for AIESEC Davis members 2. Funded $700 as travel subsidy for the AIESEC Davis delegation to WNC 2013-14 ($175 per delegate)Support in exchange 19. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARD It is with the lessons learned from AIESEC Mizzou that we stepped up and took on AIESEC Davis as an IG after its then host decided to take a step back to deal with a leadership crisis after SNC 2013. We realized that within the West Coast region, AIESEC Seattle was the only LC with the capacity to host AIESEC Davis.As such, we set rigorous expectations, with the ultimate goal to help AIESEC Davis become a OE by WNC 2013: creation of a compendium, and a working EB. We made all efforts to provide them the best TM recruitment as possible, sending our 2 high-performing former VP TMs to Davis on coaching visits. We are also funding $700 for their delegation to attend WNC Chicago. We are an outstanding host because, we are not just a namesake entity to Davis. We are equally invested in Davis successes and growth, and seek to walk with them all the way through. Together, we hope make the West Coast the best region all over again.What makes Seattle an Outstanding Host? 20. OUTSTANDING HOST AWARDEndorsement from AIESEC Davis 21. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT 22. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT #2012 TMP: Ra: 66 Rea: 66#2013 TMP: Ra: 92 Rea: 72#2013 TLP: Ra: 25 Rea: 25#Members in LC: 72#TMP raised / # members: 0.78Retention Rate: 80% 23. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENT Member Efficiency: 0.65Applicants for EB: 11% of members on X: 12%Applicants for membership: 150IXP: 9#Delegates #Members at NatCo: 18#Members w sales meetings: 15#Delegates at RoKS: 47#Active Sellers: 2 24. EXCELLENCE IN TALENT MANAGEMENTGrowth of X and Leadership1) MIDDLE MANAGER PROGRAMThe Program consists of middle manager training, NTT training and a feedback system between the MM and the EB. Middle Manager training was conducted two weeks into middle #Members manager terms by Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, Mandy Tai and Dan Lausch, all in the National Trainers