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  • 1.Personnel TrendsTerry Bledsoe March 31, 2008 2008 . 2008 . 2008 . 2008 .

2. Terry Bledsoe Chief Information Officer Catawba County

    • What is my role?
    • What do I do?
    • What is the role of the Technology Department?

3. IT Job Skills for 2008

  • Whats hot
  • Project management skills and certifications
  • Security experience
  • Business process understanding
  • Communication skills, especially writing and teaching expertise
  • The ability to manage remote workers and virtual teams
  • Whats not
  • Software development and programming
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical certifications

http://www.networkworld.com/etm/2007/122007-etm-jobs-matter.html Skills in highest demand

  • VoIP
  • Unified Communications
  • Convergence
  • Virtualization
  • Security

4. Its not about PeopleSoft.. What is Technology About? Its not about Programs.. Its not about Email.. Its not about the Internet.. Its not about the Phones.. 5. Its about how they interact.. What is Technology About? Its about empowerment.. Its about People.. Its about how they work.. 6. Systems of People partners trust aggregate centralized collaborators specialized adapt reputation Self-organizing outliers 7. Web 2.0 Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks Gov 2.0 Kid 2.0 Citizen 2.0 Are you already there and just dont know it? Voter 2.0 Worker 2.0 Disruptive Technology Are you left behind? Web 2.0, is disrupting everything.Web 2.0 is not just adding to the communication mix.It requires a completely new way of thinkingPeter Debreceny, chair of the Institute for Public Relations . Is not black and white! Personnel 2.0 8. DefiningWeb 2.0 Core Tenets

  • Shared content
  • Shared tools
  • Unbounded dialogue
  • Cooperate, dont control
  • Users add value

Imagine That! 9. DefiningWeb 2.0

  • Perpetual Beta State
  • Allows for self organizing groups/ systems
    • ( the long tail)
  • Todays internet makes the citizenan active participant .Will government adapt to Web 2.0by designorby default ?

10. http://www.go2web20.net/ 11. Average Age- 43 Years Millennials 12. Generational Use of Technology

  • Boomers
    • Those who have chosen to embrace technology, use e-mail, as they are exposed to new technology, if they see value to it, they may embrace it. They still like paper.
  • Gen X
    • Use e-mail, text-messaging, blogs, instant-messaging, and rely on a combination of Boomer old-fashioned socializing and Millennial social networking.
  • Millennials
    • Its the air they breathe. To be human = to be a digital native (for many of us, this is a paradigm shift)

13. Generations Help Understand Web 2.0 Millennials1977 to 2000 Gen X1965 to 1976 Boomers1945 to 1964 MaturesBefore 1945 Average Age of Catawba County Worker- 43 Years Technology is not a Tool for Millennials, it is the very Foundation for everything they do. Web 2.0 is a reflection of the Millennial Generation. 14. External Internal Applications Linked to 15. Hardware Software PeripheralsCapacityUsers 16. ? ? ? Lets hire someone 17.

  • Matures (65+) are biggest audience
  • Boomers 2 nd
  • Age 18 34 lowest and decreasing
  • Minorities have the lowest readership
  • Before 1965 most households took 2 newspapers, now less than half of the households take 1 newspaper.
  • Online readership growing

18. Recruit in the newspapers and you will mainly attract theBoomers and will completely miss theMillennials 19. 20. EY LISTENS AND TALKS WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS ON FACEBOOK 21. ONLINE VIDEO ADS AND DESCRIPTIONS OF JOBS 22. http://www.careertours.com/ 23. Digital Resumes. Portfolios Web Pages Thumb drives Now that you got their attention, are you ready for. 24. ? ? ? What about online applications and online assessments?........Are you ready 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. OLD RECRUITING METHODS WILL NOT WORK. REACH OUT 30. Do Your Homework, Check Them Out Warning : Check With Legal!!!!! 31.

  • Expectations Have Changed
  • Email
  • Office Suites
  • Unified Communications
  • Web Apps
  • Security
  • Public Records/retention/e-Discovery

32. Security Appearance Environment FLSA Ergonomics Where 33. Online Training Services Manage Life 34. Are you brave enough to ? BLOG

  • Employee Information
  • RSS Feeds
  • Record of Notification
  • Feedback (if you want it)

35. 36.

  • Important announcements like benefit enrollments
  • Changes in policies
  • Physical and certificate renewal reminders
  • Reminders of County Events
  • Securing resources for an event/emergency

TextMessaging = Powerful Tool 37. ISSUES MOVING TO THE FOREFRONT ISSUES . ISSUES . ISSUES . ISSUES . 38. The new personal computer.. The simple cell phone is a relic Laptops replace desktops personal use/ business use 39. No Well Defined Slots Work is an Activity, Not a Place Old Rules Become Unrealistic New Tax Laws 40. IP IP/AVL IP Surveillance IP Monitoring IP GPS Locating IPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIP. 41. What is attached to the network? What is the employee really doing? Programs? Stored Data? 42. Government Attack Trends from 2007

  • Government accounted for26 percentof data breaches that could lead to identity theft.
  • The primary cause of data breaches that could lead to identity theft was thetheft or loss of a computer or other mediumused for data storage or transmitting , such as a USB key.

www.symantec.com/ISTR2007 43. 44.

  • digital picture frames

http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10410912 http://flickr.com/ http://www.digiframes.com/related/1017-4820/WiFi-Digital-Picture-Frames-Sungale-AW15B-WF.html WIFI . 45.

  • Shut down accounts
      • Email
      • Network Access
      • Phone System
  • Secure equipment
  • Secure data stored on remote/mobile equipment
  • Make sure public record files are obtained
  • Signed statement that all data has been returned

Termination 46. Implications

  • Realize program and data may reside anywhere in the world
  • Web 2.0 applications/concepts are here to stay
  • Skills needed in Internet application development and interactive user interface
  • Collaboration the network indispensible
  • Be careful choosing applications must be able to integrate standards
  • Be aware of static forms and formats

47. Implications

  • Applicants and employees will expect more services from government online
  • Must reach out to the world to get the best employees
  • Flexibility for all types of resumes and portfolios
  • Redefine work as an activity not a place
  • Schedules will need to be flexible
  • Policies may need to change
  • Change is accelerating, expected life of devices and skills are unknown
  • Termination may require new processes

48. Implications

  • Government records are a big source of identity threat and we must recognize that fact.
  • Good policies and procedures are needed for all devices. Mobile devices offer additional security challenges.
  • Mobile devices require special security training.
  • Training in security practices needs to be ongoing.
  • Security practices will at times be a burden but users must understand the importance.

49. Be the change you want to see in the WorldGhandi CHANGE . 2008 . 2008 . CHANGE . 50. ? ? ? Questions? 51. Personnel TrendsTerry Bledsoe March 31, 2008 2008 . 2008 . 2008 . 2008 . 52. Tagged and Shared

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