10 Different ways on how to make money with Android Apps

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10 ways on how to make money with Android Apps

Credits to Fetuscakemix on Deviantart for Android Background

1. Paid Apps

A quick an easy way to make money with Android apps is to make the app into a paid app. A user would have to purchase your app for a X amount of dollars to use your app.

2. In-App Purchases (IAP)

In-app purchases allow yourusers to purchase goods within your game/application. Example: Unlock a certain feature or purchase a virtual good within a game.

3. Interstitial Ads

An ad which takes over the whole screen. The ad can be displayed anytime within your game or application. These ads generate a high eCPM versus traditional banner ads. Recommended Android ad network to use for interstitial ad is: http://www.Tapgage.com

4. Virtual Currency

Virtual currency is commonly used within Android games to monetize game users. It allows users to earn virtual currency by completing advertisement offers, watching advertisement videos or by purchasing virtual currency through in-app purchases. The virtual currency then could be used to purchase virtual goods.

Mobile virtual currency ad networks you can use are: http://www.Sponsorpay.com http://www.Tapjoy.com http://www.Adcolony.com

5. Banner Ads

A banner ad that you can place anywhere within your application/game. A very simple and easy way to earn money with your Android apps.

Mobile ad networks you could use are http://www.Inmobi.com http://www.Admob.com

6. Push Ads

A push ad is an ad that is sent to the users notification tray. A way to monetize even when the user is not using the app.

Recommended push notification ad network is http://www.Airpush.com

7. Icon Ads

An ad icon that is displayed within the users Android device. The user is asked to install it when opening the application you wish to monetize.

One of the recommended icon Android ad networks is http://www.Startapp.com

8. Offer Wall

An offer wall is displayed to the user when the app is opened up. It displays various deals that the users could sign up for.

Recommended offer wall mobile ad network is http://www.Pontiflex.com

9. Reward Ad Networks

A reward ad network that rewards the user with real rewards for accomplishments within a game/app.

Recommended mobile reward ad network is http://www.Kiip.me

10. Ring Ads

Audio ads that are played during the waiting time while the other provider connects the call.

Mobile ad network recommended for ring ads is http://www.Sellaring.com

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