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Trangia CookingAbout the TrangiaYour Trangia has 10 pieces (including a strap to tie it all together).It uses methylated spirits as a fuel source.It is very safe if you are sensible.These are 9 of your 10 pieces

Simmer RingBurner LidFrypan & SpondoolieBurnerPots (2 sizes)WindshieldWindshield BaseBurner LidHas a rubber ring inside a screw capScrews onto the burner but should never be put on while hot, otherwise it will weld together.

Simmer RingThe simmer ring turns down the heat on the burner its current setting in the photo is about half heatClose the shutter completely to put the flame out.BurnerThe well in the burner is filled with methylated spirits. It is placed in the recess in the windshield and then lit.The burner has a wick (like a candle) inside which holds the fuel.Pots


Windshield Base

Cooking with your Trangia Stove

When cooking no one is allowed inside the circleOutside of your Trangia circle you need a fuel station. Where the methylated spirits lives whilst you are cooking.7While not a hazard in the bush, cooking on fuel stoves can pose a threat to us. We utilise a cooking circle on hike where no one may venture while cooking is in process. Why would we utilise this method? (facilitate a discussion around this point).Why have a trangia circle?The circle is a safe place nobody walks into it. There is a huge likelihood that you will kick over a trangia if you are constantly walking between them.This could lead to boiling hot liquid spilling into someones lap.We also never place a trangia anywhere but on the ground, if on a bench or rock it is far less stable and often your legs are underneath. Hands up everybody who wants a scald burn anywhere near their groin.Each group needs a Trangia DO NOT take it apart until asked.When you do take apart your trangia, check that is has ten pieces; a frypan, a strap, a lid, a simmer ring, a burner, a pair of spondoolies (billy grippers), two pots, a base and a windshield. Set up a penalty (as a group) for walking through the circle (ten pushups, washing a dish belonging to whoever spots them)When asked walk over to the fuel station and quarter fill your burners, possibly a little more if they are cooking something for a few minutes after boiling.Light the burners with the matches that are passed around - or ask the adult to do it. Methylated spirits does not flare like petrol, so you can get very close and test whether it is alight by feeling the heat with the back of their hand.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFuel Station5m5mTentsExperiment with the simmer ring and when they are done cooking show how to put the trangia out with the simmer ring, not the screw on lid. If the flame does not go out immediately then you should lift the side of the closed simmer cap and drop it back down.If the flame did not burn out by itself the students should wait until the burner is cool enough to touch with a bare hand, remove the burner and decant the methylated spirits back into the bottle. We then burn off the remaining metho left in the burner.When it is cool enough to touch again we can pack it up, making sure it has all ten pieces.It is not ok on camp to leave the cleaning until the morning, it must be sparkling and packed up before you go to bed.