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Media Representations of Regional Identity

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  • 1. Representation of Regional Identity

2. Regional Identity refers to the partof the United Kingdom someone isfrom. It could refer to a general areasuch a north or south, a countrysuch as English or Scottish orspecific towns such as London orManchester. 3. There are severalregional stereotypeswidely seen ontelevision: 4. Scottish often shown as being moneyobsessed, wont pay for anything, drinks a lot ofalcohol, loves the outdoors, wears kilts, eatshaggis, quite aggressive and violent 5. Welsh Often shown as living in the middle of thecountryside, with people making jokes aboutthem shagging sheep 6. Irish often shown as living in the countryside,working in rural areas such as farms, being veryreligious, being good at dancing and singing, veryfriendly but less intelligent 7. English often shown as being racist, obsessedwith beer and football living inLondon. Sometimes the stereotype goes in theopposite direction of showing English people asvery rich, posh, happy, living in castles and beingvery royal. 8. London There are 2 main stereotypes ofLondoners. One is that they are often shown asbeing rich, posh, snobby, upper class, HughGrant types from central or west london. Theother is that they often shown as being fromnorth, east or south London, poor, common, lowerclass, criminalistic, violent Kidulthood style 9. Manchester / Newcastle / Liverpool Oftenshown as being chavs, wearing fake designerlabels, or tracksuits, drinking a lot, beingaggressive, uneducated, criminals 10. Essex often shown as being glamourous butcheap, footballers wives, lots of partying, beingquite stupid 11. Yorkshire Often shown as living in ruralcountryside, with rolling hills and cobbled streets,being quite old fashioned 12. Cornwall / Somerset Often shown as beingbackwards, living in rural areas, working onfarms 13. South England often shown as being the centreof culture, modern, classy, clever, sunny, richer,doing middle class jobs such as managers etc 14. North England often shown as being poorer,bad weather, lower class, aggressive, lessculture, less clever, doing working class jobs suchas builders etc 15. If you get regional identity as anissue in the exam, you should bethinking about the following thingswhen watching the clip: 16. Can I identify where the characters are from within thecountry? Are people from different areas shown as havingdifferent interests, personalities, attitudes,behaviours? If so, how? Is their regional identity represented as beingimportant in their life? Are people from particular regions portrayed as beingbetter, more powerful, than others? Are people from particular regions portrayed as beingabnormal /weaker/ more pathetic than others? How do other characters in the clip treat thecharacters from different regions? What is the message the clip is trying to portray aboutregional identity? 17. How has regional Identity BeenRepresented In The Following Clip?