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  • 1. Learn more about S. KoreaBy Sieun ParkChinaJapanS.KoreaN.Korea

2. Why did I choose this research?Mostly, I picked this research because SouthKorea is a small/strong country, so I wantedto represent it more to this country andother countries, also.Process/ReflectionSome of the process that I have gonethrough some months was very interestingbecause I learned some information aboutSouth Korea that I did not know about. 3. Overview of S. Korea Location: North East Asiabetween China and Japan Capital: Seoul Official languages: Korean Area: 98,000 sq.km(1/3 of Colorado) Population: 50 millions Ethnic groups: Korean (97.3%),others (2.7%) GDP: 1.1 trillion USD (15th) National flag: 4. History (past 100 years)Japanese Colonization(1910-1945)Independence(1945.8.15)Ruins after the war(Seoul city hall)Korean War(1950-1953)Restoration andEconomic development (1960-2000)Today(Seoul City Hall) 5. Weather 4 seasons 6. CultureKoreas Traditional Clothes( )worn on festive days or specialanniversariestwo-piece outfit 7. Food( ) Kimchee Beebimbap Kimbap Samgyetang Naeng Myeon Japchae (rice cake)Culture 8. House ( ) Harmony with natureCulture- Made of grass, trees, stones, and clay- Cool in summer and warm in winter- Love to have water and trees- Relaxation and meditationFor Nobleman For general people 9. CultureKorean Wave ( )Korean Dramas popular in easten AsiK-POP concert in ParisSumi JoVideo artistNamjun PaikSarah ChangUN S. of GeneralBahn KimoonPSY Gangnam Style 10. Historic Records :- 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics : 7th- 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics : 5th- 2012 London Summer Olympics : 5thSportsInternational Sports Events in Korea1988 Summer Olympics 2002 FIFA World cup 2018 Winter Olympics 11. SportsWhat are Some Famous Sports in S. Korea?Taekwondo most popular martialart Official OlympicSoccer- 2002 : 4th- London Olympics: Bronze medalFigure Skating (Yuna Kim)-broke world recordscores 11 times-Current record holder 12. Education 13. IT industry Car making Ship building Pure energyIndustry 14. Future ResearchIf I get to use this for my futureresearch I will probably use thiswhen I go to another country besidesKorea, to tell about something thatKorea have or do there. 15. References material South Korea-by Rob Bowden http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Korea http://prezi.com/niunnllcfrn2/south-kor http://www.slideshare.net/Soleiman/educ 16. Thank you