How to earn real money with affiliate programs

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  • 1. There are so many ways of earning money onlinethat it is really hard to identify various kinds of scams from decent ways of earning real money.

2. Affiliate programs allow you to earn anincome by selling other companies products. All you have to do to get started is to find anaffiliate program that suits best you needs and signup with them for free. Once approved, you will have full access to allhighly optimized marketing materials and can startearning money right away. 3. Affiliate programs allow you to refer people toa product, service or other item and get paidwhen someone buys that item or service.You get a special code from your affiliate partnerthat "tracks" when you send someone from yourwebsite to their website.When the referral makes a purchase or a specificaction that the program requires (e.g. makes abet, downloads something, etc.) you get acommission for the referral. 4. It depends on the Affiliate Program that youchoose. However in most cases registeringwith popular affiliate programs will cost youabsolutely nothing. 5. Experienced website owners usually place theaffiliate links and banners on their websiteshome page, navigation bar, and any otherhigh-traffic areas.By placing the links on easily accessedlocations, visitors will more likely click on theselinks and make a purchase. 6. A good affiliate program is a must if you wantto make money on the internet. To choose agood one, you can conduct a research on Google and find atrustworthy Affiliate Program. try out the Affiliate Program offered 7. Vivaro Affiliates is the affiliate program of EasternEuropes Number 1 In-Play Bettingcompany, VivaroBet.The tools you will find within this affiliate programare designed to unlock the earning potential of in-play betting in the Eastern European territories ofRussia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan andother Eastern European markets.Joining Vivaro Affiliates is absolutely free. 8. VivaroBet provides affiliates with a highly rewarding tiered revenue sharecommission structure and referral program. Commission is earned on amonthly basis by referring players to Vivarobets sportsbook.Here is how the Tiered Commission Structures work. Percentages are of Net Revenue:$0-$2500 25%$2501-$10000 30%$10001+ 35%The Net Revenue is calculated by taking the Gross Revenue, per tagged player and deductingbonuses, chargebacks, fraud, network & license fees and tax.Referral/Sub-Affiliate CommissionAt Vivaro Affiliates, we run a tiered referral commission, whereby the referring affiliate receivescommission on top of that earned by the referred/sub-affiliate.Tier 1 Referrals: 5% 9.