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Hassan Moustafa: Activites 2009

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  • 1. January 20094-7/1/2009 6.1.2009 meeting with president of International Sailing Federation

2. January 20098-10 /1/2009 9.1.2009 Meeting Herr Jaus 3. January 2009 10-12/1/2009 4. January 2009 15/1/2009Moustafa: Croatia is for handball like Brazil for soccer Last night the IHF president, Hassan Moustafa, came to Croatia. On behalf of the Croatian Handball Federation he was greeted by the president Sandi Sola. I'm very pleased to welcome a good friend, who is one of the most responsible persons, why Croatia got elected to organize such an important competition like World Championship and I'm glad Croatia will host the IHF president in next two and a half week. Afterwards the IHF president, Hassan Moustafa, said a few words: First of all I want to say I'm very happy to be in Croatia and this is not the first time I'm here. As a president of IHF I would like to emphasize, that we believed from the start in people in Croatia and therefore we elected Croatia to be the host of the biggest world handball event. In the meantime I realized how Croatia is a test for all of us. Since I was a player and then a coach I learned a lot here in Croatia; in Split, Sibenik and Solaris. Croatia is for handball like Brazil for soccer. The president Moustafa emphasized one more thing: I'm sure, I repeat, I'm positive this is going to be the best World Championship ever. I'm sure because I see how Croatians like sport, especially handball. I'm very happy to be here in the next few days and I want to thank the president of the Croatian Handball Federation and the Croatian Government for doing an enormous work in order to organize such an important event. That is a reason why I constantly repeat how I believe that the Championship in Croatia will be the best organized so far. 5. January 200916.1. 2009 The President of IHF, Hassan Moustafa, also welcomed all the present. Good evening, Croatia, good evening, Split. I welcome the representatives of the Croatian government, as well as the President of the CHF. I am very happy that I am here today at the opening of this great competition, such as WC. On behalf of IHF I want to thank the Government of Croatia for all efforts that were invested in the organization of such a great competition. Also, I thank the CHF and all those who organized the World Championship and I am sure that this championship will be the best that was ever organized. I invite all players, trainers, judges and officials to work for a better world handball. I am convinced that the best team will win a gold medal at the WC, finished the President of the IHF, Hassan Moustafa. 6. January 2009 16.1. 2009 The IHF president, Hassan Moustafa, was especially thrilled. We were together the whole time; he visited us even today in our hotel. The president Moustafa accents all the time how impressed he is with the opening ceremony, particularly when the visitors cheered him up. He experienced it as a personal acknowledgement of his work as IHF president. He also emphasized how the handball advanced since he heads the International Handball Federation, and he mentioned that Croatia took handball to a higher level. According to him handball became one of the most popular world team sports. 7. January 200916.1. 2009 8. January 2009 17/1/2009 In the half-time of the match between Sweden - Cuba, in the beautiful surroundings of the Spaladium Arena, president of IHF, Dr. Hassan Moustafa, in gratitude to the city of Split and its citizens, gave to the Mayor of Split, Mr. Ivan Kuret, the official ball of the IHF.With this act, Hassan Moustafa wanted thank the Mayor of Split on the excellent organization and preparation for 21st WHC for men. Mayor Ivan Kuret accepted with pleasure the recognition of President of International Handball Federation, and after the presentation ceremony thanked his fellow citizens on the spontaneous and warm atmosphere, which they prepared on the opening of the Championship. quot;It's the welcome and the atmosphere in Split that made Mr. Moustafa to do this so I'm very proud because the citizens of Split always knew to recognize the best.quot; Mr. Moustafa yesterday visited all the teams of B-group located in Split, and this way thanked in their name for the excellent conditions and organization that was enabled for the preparation and trainings. Mr. Moustafa is still under the impression of yesterday's opening ceremony, when the entire hall chanted Moustafa, Moustafa, answeeer, answeeer, that was beyond all his expectations. He pointed out that the atmosphere that he experienced yesterday in Split is exactly what makes sport unique. 9. January 2009 19/1/2009 The President of the WHF, Dr. Hassan Moustafa followed the matches on Sunday, in Porec. District-prefect of Istria- County, Ivan Jakovcic and Mayor of Porec, Edi Stifanic, exchanged appropriate gifts with the president and with the WHF president, who thanked them for the hospitality and wished success till the end of the Championship. 10. January 2009 1/2/2009 France - Croatia 24:19 (11:12) Les Bleus' made it: France became World Champions for the third time after 1995 and 2001. At the end thrilling final that was decided in the final stage of the match only, they sent hosts Croatia into despair. While the Frenchmen were celebrating on the field the Croats' eyes filled with tears. They lost their second WCh final after 2005. The whole country had prepared for the big party but France were predominant in the very end. They had been a tad better than Croatia considering the entire tournament. The match was close until minute 52, as none of the two teams could break into the lead with more than one goal. Tension built gradually. Two excellent set up defence formations left their mark on the match. France profited from great keeper Thierry Omeyer, Daniel Narcisse (six goals) and Michael Guigou (10 goals) whereas Croatia's most striking players were Blazenko Lackovic and Ivan Cupic (6 goals). With the score at 20:18 France broke into the lead on minute 52 to a 2-goal margin for the first time. Croatia seemed lacking ideas and tried to force it. Narcisse' 21:18 goal was a first sign of triumph, France burst into cheer at 23:19 and with 90 seconds to go. France was considered more resolute and more efficient. Captain Jerome Fernandez was presented with the WCh trophy by IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa with his teammates cheering on the podium. 11. February 20092-10 /2/2009 12. February 2009 18-21 /2/2009 The IHF president and the Egyptian Handball Federations president welcome the IHF delegation to inspect the venue and preparation of the XXXII IHF congress which shall be held in Egypt during the period 3-7 June 2009. 13. March 2009 22-27/3/2009 Mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper opens the Sportaccord conference, as the IOC Executive Board begins three days of meetings. Tennis legend Andre Agassi and Dick Ebersol, chair of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics, are among the high profile names taking part in sportaccord program. The former world number one, who has eight Grand Slams and an Olympic gold to his name, is participating with tennis great Andrea Jaeger and several other speakers in a session on sport and philanthropy 14. March 2009 22-27/3/2009 The IOC Executive Board et with the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations. At its general assembly Tuesday, ASOIFs 26 members unanimously approved a motion on the controversial issue of revenue-sharing concerning the U.S. Olympic Committee that it will take to the EB. The motion would give the USOC quot;immediate notice of its intention to terminate its contract with the USOC and to start negotiations . 15. March 2009 26/2-11/3/2009 27.2 meeting with the President of Polish Handball Federation 28.2 meeting with president of Italian Handball Federation 5.3visiting Sportfive new headquarters 16. March 2009 11-15 /3/2009 The IHF president Dr.Hassan Moustafa visited Kuwait upon an invitation from Shiekh Ahmed Al Fahad Al Sabah president of OCA and AHF. He attended three event during this period: 1. Inauguration of the new headquarters of the Olympic Council of Asia 2. Opening the 1st Asian Sport congress 3. General Assembly of the Asian Handball Federation. The three events attended by a VIP gathering included some of Ifs presidents, IOC representatives and member national committees as well as member national federations of Asia. 17. March 2009 28-31 /3/2009 The IHF president Dr.Hassan Moustafa headed from Denver to Basel for daily business of the IHF including the preparation of the IHF congress. He visited the Spanish Handball Federation on the 31st of March as a respond to invitation extended by the President of the Spanish Handball Federation. 18. April 20092/4/2009 As part of their regular cooperation, the IHF and EHF held a joint meeting in Basle on 1 April 2009. Under the joint chairmanship of IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa and EHF President Tor Lian various issues were considered:The global competition schedule, The challenge trophy, The alleged bribery casesConcerning the last point, both IHF and EHF are very concerned that the accusations recently levelled at the referees are likely to severely damage handball and contribute a severe set back for the positive evolution in the quality of refereeing observed as a consequence of the education system set up for the referees. Training and admission of young referees from all four continents with help of a special programme named GRTP (Global Referee Training Program). Aside from the ordinary Rules lessons, they are to identify and promote personality and a strong character. The appointment to the IHF Referee List is valid for one year, depending on the performance they show during the World Championships Preparations of the elite referees for major tournaments (WChs or OGs) have been considerably improved over the last few years. A one-week preparat