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By Jenica Noviello

Half-Marathon PP

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This PowerPoint teaches the viewer the process of running a distance race with an emphasis on Half-Marathons.

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  • 1. By Jenica Noviello

2. Why I chose this project

  • I chose this project because I wanted to run ahalf-marathon.

The Tacoma Narrows Half-Marathon 3. Footwear

  • Where to go in Olympia:

4. How much do you pronate?Sales associates at South Sound Running will determine how much you pronate by watching you run in a neutral shoe. Glycerin Summon Adrenaline 5. First Youll need to choose a race.

  • The easiest way to do this is to go towww.ontherunevents.com
  • Then click on the calendar tab and fill in the information
  • The site will give you a list of all the races in your area.
  • Just click on the link to sign up!

6. Training:

  • Go to Runnersworld.com and click on smart coach

7. The Website will give you a training plan This example shows the first 4 weeks of a 16 week training program. 8. 9. 32 Ounce Water Bottle 10. Nutrition 15%-20% 60%-65% 20%-25% 11. Get plenty of iron to prevent Anemia 12. After workouts, its important to stretch

  • Be sure to stretch these muscles.

Quads Calves Hamstrings 13. A few others you might want to try Groin 14. Replenishing Energy

  • Runs that last an hour or more should be followed with an electrolyte replenishing liquid or snack.

15. 16. Helpful Tips for Race Day

  • Eat a normal breakfast. Dont upset your stomach.
  • Bring a bottle of water to the race.
  • Wear an old sweatshirt!
  • It might get lost even if
  • there is a clothing
  • check-in at the starting line.
  • Walk, jog, and stretch a little before the race.
  • Run the race. All your preparation and hard work will pay off!

17. How Will I Use This in the Future

  • By creating this project, I have learned the process required to train for distance races of any length.
  • I plan to use the process to run a marathon at some point in the future.

Get Equipped Chose a Race Make and Implement Training Plan Race Eat right, hydrate and stretch.