Five Day Bodybuilding Workout Plan

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For more detailed info please visit: and Simple & easy to follow 5 day bodybuilding workout plan - designed for both men & women, and beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. Explanations, additional tips for beginners and pros, and even workout videos included. Enjoy your free ride! ;)


  • For Men & Women Beginners & Pros Five Day Bodybuilding Plan
  • What you need? The first thing you'll need is some space: use your basement, or clear some space in your living room or family room. You'll need at least about 8 by 8 feet. Time is an asset you'll definitely need to set aside to get results -- just 30-45 minutes from start to finish for these workouts! You'll need cardio equipment: dust off the old treadmill or exercise bike. If not, you can always use a skipping rope! Some cardio exercises don't require any equipment at all! A chair or bench is also recommended. A sturdy low coffee table can work. If you use a chair, just be sure it doesn't have wheels! Some exercises can be performed on the floor - you can use an exercise mat. 2 weights or 1 barbell: you'll need at least 2 weights. They can be dumbbells, or 2 weight plates, or 2 big soup cans from the pantry! Grab 2 water bottles if all else fails.
  • Women & Men * Beginners & Advanced - WOMEN: Complete beginners - start with 1 or 2 kg (per dumbbell) and slowly progress to 3 or 4 kg. Use heavier weights when you're working on your legs than when you're working on your arms for example. - MEN: Complete beginners start with 3 kg dumbbells for their arms and chest, but use a kilo or two more for the back and legs. If you are training to build visible muscle, you should aim for heavier weights. Complete beginners should remember not to overestimate themselves because they might be injured. Start as suggested and increase weight in the next training if you feel you are up to it. If you are intermediate and advanced: 20 kg or more for larger muscles like legs and back, and 10 kg or more for smaller muscles like biceps and triceps. The heavier the weights - the lower the number of repetitions (6-10 repetitions).
  • How much repetitions? How heavy? The heavier the weights - the lower the number of repetitions (6-10 repetitions). For more info, additional tips, and workout videos, please visit: 5 Day Bodybuilding Workout Schedule and Five day bodybuilding plan for men and women, beginners and pros Three or 4 cycles/sets x the same number of repetitions (for example 8 repetitions). A cycle/set is when you perform 8 repetitions. Following this principle you would perform: 8 lunges. Break/pause (1 or 2 minute pause, depending on the heaviness of the weights you're lifting). 8 lunges. Break/pause. 8 lunges. Break/pause.
  • Others follow these lifting principles Others follow the "pyramid" principle - perform the highest number of repetitions in the first set and then decrease, for example: 10 lunges. Break/pause. 9 lunges. Break/pause. 8 lunges. Break/pause. And others follow this principle when lifting weights: 9 lunges. Break/pause. 10 lunges. Break/pause. 8 lunges. Break/pause.
  • I want to build bigger muscles When you're lifting weights to build bigger muscles go for heavier weights and a lower number of repetitions (usually a max of 8 repetitions per cycle).
  • Day 1: LEGS For better info & workout videos visit: 5 day bodybuilding workout plan Start with a warm up Legs - 3-4 rounds 8- 20 squats with weights + Squat variations 8-20 lunges >>> and if you are working out in a gym: - Leg extensions - Leg curls for hamstrings. - Standing calf raises - you can perform these at home too. >>>> ADDITION FOR WOMEN: BUTT WORKOUT, instead of performing it on Day 1, you can add this part of routine to another day.
  • Day 2: Back & Biceps Back: 3-4 rounds 8-20 repetitions of Lat machine pull-downs to the front. 8-20 repetitions of Chin up. 8-20 repetitions of Seated cable rows or One arm dumbbell rows. 20 repetitions of Hyper-extensions or less if you are performing with weights. Biceps & Forearms 3-4 rounds 8-15 repetitions incline dumbbell curls 8-15 repetitions standing dumbbell or barbell curls 8-15 repetitions Reverse Curls 8-15 repetitions Hammer curls
  • Day 3: Chest & Triceps Chest: 3-4 rounds 8-20 repetitions of the Incline chest press with dumbbells and/or flatbenchchest press. 8-20 repetitions Chest flies or incline chest flies. Use slightly lighter weights compared to the chest press because this exercise can be stressful for your shoulders. - this exercise can be performed on a ball - Works your back and legs, but if you are using heavier weights, perform it on a bench due to stability. 8-20 repetitions Cable crossovers - with both arms or one arm only. An example of a chest workout in a video:
  • Day 4: Cardio & Abdominals Steady cardio workout: - A minimum of 30 minutes (up to 45 minutes) of steady cardio workout - treadmill, bike or stepper, or HIIT >>> read more about HITT and how to perform it @home here *** WORKOUT VIDEOS & ADDITIONAL TIPS included 5 day bodybuilding workout plan Abdominal workout & or Crunch-less AKA back friendly exercises: &
  • Day 5: Shoulders & Arms For better info with workout videos included, please visit: 5 day bodybuilding workout plan 8-15 repetitions Standing side dumbbells raise - perform either with both dumbbells simultaneously or interchange arms when raising dumbbells 8-15 repetitions Standing front dumbbells raise - perform either with both dumbbells simultaneously or interchange arms when raising dumbbells (as in the previous exercise except raise weights in front of your body) 8-15 repetitions Standing (or sitting) dumbbells press - palms facing in 8-15 repetitions Barbell press behind the neck aka Military press 8-15 repetitions Arnold dumbbells press (shoulders & triceps) 8 - 15 triceps press to chin 8-15 repetitions incline dumbbell curls. 8-15 repetitions Reverse curls 8-15 repetitions Zottman curl
  • Take a rest - it will make you stronger Many bodybuilders do not realize the importance rest plays in obtaining maximum performance and results from the hours spent in the gym. Resting time allows your muscles that you have broken down to heal and recover. It is the rest that allows you to recover so you can be strong, and thereby handle the training.