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Exciting facts & - Brazil Prepardness for WorldCup.


<ul><li> EXCITING FACTS </li> <li> Released May 8, 2014 Length 51:26 Language English, Portuguese Spanish Label RCA Sony Music Brasil Producer Arlindo Cruz Ash Pournouri Berman Brothers Carl Falk Carlinhos Brown Charles Chaves Cirkut Dr. Luke DJ Mem John James Powell J2 RedOne Mario Caldato Jr. Quiz &amp; Larossi Salaam Remi Srgio Mendes Rami Yacoub Robson Nonato Rock Mafia Tim Bergling Taku Takahashi Troyton Rami ALBUM </li> <li> The caxirola was certified on 27 September 2012 by the Brazilian Ministry of Sports as the official musical instrument of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, just like vuvuzelas in the case of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The caxirola is not as loud as vuvuzelas are and has been specially designed to sound acceptable in stadiums. </li> <li> 2014 WINNER NAME WILL BE ENCARVED HERE.. </li> <li> RIO DE JANEIRO MARACANA : 78,838 SEATS </li> <li> SAO PAULO ARENA DE SAO PAULO : 68,000 SEATS </li> <li> MARACANA Matches: Group F Argentina vs Bosnia- Herzegovina Group B Spain vs Chile Group H Belgium vs Russia Group E Ecuador vs France Round of 16 1C v 2D Quarter-final W53 v W54 Final W61 v W62 </li> <li> MARACANA Matches: Group F Argentina vs Bosnia- Herzegovina Group B Spain vs Chile Group H Belgium vs Russia Group E Ecuador vs France Round of 16 1C v 2D Quarter-final W53 v W54 Final W61 v W62 </li> <li> ) BELO HORIZONTE MINEIRAO : 64,000 SEATS </li> <li> ) BRASILIA ESTADIO NACIONAL DE BRASILIA : 71,412 SEATS </li> <li> ) FORTALEZA ARENA CASTELAO : 63,903 SEATS </li> <li> ) SALVADOR ARENA FONTE NOVA : 53,700 SEATS </li> <li> ) PORTO ALEGRE ESTADIO BEIRA-RIO : 50,000 SEATS </li> <li> ) RECIFE ARENA PERNAMBUCO : 46,000 SEATS </li> <li> ) MANAUS ARENA DA AMAZONIA : 44,500 SEATS </li> <li> ) CUIABA ARENA PANTANAL : 41,390 SEATS </li> <li> ) NATAL ARENA DAS DUNAS : 43,000 SEATS </li> <li> ) CURITIBA ARENA DA BAIXADA : 41,456 SEATS </li> <li> A policeman observes a screen displaying Maracana stadium during a media tour at the security center for the 2014 soccer World Cup in Rio de Janeiro on January 22, 2014. (Reuters/Marcelo Regua) BRAZIL PREPARDNESS </li> <li> Workers stand on scaffolding outside Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on June 6, 2014. (Reuters/Tont Gentile) </li> <li> Members of the Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force attend a presentation of defense and security personnel and equipment that will be used during the 2014 World Cup in Brasilia on June 8, 2014. (Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino) </li> <li> Members of the Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force stand at attention during a presentation in Brasilia on June 8, 2014.(Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino) </li> <li> A Brazilian Navy sniper participates in a mock hostage rescue drill in Rio de Janeiro on May 27, 2013.(AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano) </li> <li> Brazilian Army soldiers take part in a simulated explosion of a radioactive device during a safety drill outside Mane Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia, on June 9, 2014, ahead of the FIFA World Cup. (Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images) </li> <li> Firefighters and soldiers conduct a chemical contamination simulated training exercise, in preparation for the FIFA soccer World Cup, in front of the National Stadium in Brasilia on June 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres) </li> <li> Military/security staff shelter from the sun in the shadow of a stadium wall as they watch the Netherlands training session at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, held at the Estadio Jose Bastos Padilha Gavea on June 8, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro.(Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images) </li> <li> A hot air balloon in the likeness of Brazil's Christ The Redeemer statute, wearing the colors of Australia's soccer team, floats through clouds over the Melbourne, Australia, skyline on June 10, 2014. (AP Photo/sportsbet.com.au, Dave Callow) </li> <li> Brazil team will travel in style this World Cup! This plane will fly the Brazilian team to different stadiums for their World Cup matches. </li> <li> Brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo deserve the credit for this 'masterpiece'. They used 1,200 cans of spray paint to create this masterpiece. </li> <li> There is no other nation quite as colourful as Brazil is right now! The host nation of the FIFA World Cup, the whole of Brazil is painted in different hues to welcome the biggest sporting extravaganza in the world. (All images courtesy AFP) </li> <li> Known for its passionate love for the sport, Brazil will be hosting 736 football superstars across 27 cities for over a month. </li> <li> Shopkeeper in Brazil bracing up for sales </li> <li> Brazilian soccer fan Marilza Guimaraes da Silva, 63, plays with a ball, dressed in one of her many outfits matching the colors of the Brazil's national flag at her home in Brasilia on May 27, 2014. (Reuters/Joedson Alves </li> <li> A Brazilian football fan plays with a soccer ball on a beach in Rio de Janeiro on June 8, 2014. The 2014 World Cup starts on Thursday, June 12. (Reuters/Eddie Keogh) </li> <li> Ivory Coast's national football team goalkeeper Boubacar Barry stretches on the crossbar as he takes part in a team training session at Aguas de Lindoia on June 9, 2014, ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. (Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images) </li> <li> Cheer @PandianAMS </li> </ul>


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