Bengaluru International Midnight Marathon

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  • 1. How often have you had the opportunity to create history?

2. marathons The modern age of technology and communication asseen the resurgence of communities and communityevents. Marathons today have become the largestcommunity sports activity across the world. The modern marathon is not about winning or losing, itsabout the city and its citizens taking great joy in comingtogether for an unified cause. World Over Millions are raised for Charity throughmarathons. On April 19, 1897, the first ever Boston Marathon was held with a starting line of just 15 athletes. 3. Circa 2005 The Lipton sponsored race was the 1st International Marathon In Bangalore. Aims Certified course with over 64 International Participants and International Race Director. Over 22000 runners and even larger audience. Great Media Coverage and deferred Telecast on Ten Sports.1903 saw the creation of the worlds greatestcycle race The Tour de France. 4. Circa 2006 The Times of India sponsored race was bigger & better. Over 25000 runners and even larger audience. Live telecast on Times Now An Indian won again making history beating the fancied Ethiopians second year in a row. Large celebrity participation.In 1978 fifteen US Navy officers ran 26.2 miles, swam 2.4 milesand cycled 112 miles to settle an argument. They ended up creating the world famous IRON MAN Triathlon Championship. 5. So how do we go beyond and create history? 6. The worlds first midnight marathon 7. the concept To be the first is to be a part of history. Our attempt to create the Bangalore Midnight Marathonhas transcended the existing practices. This event will be a riot of colors and entertainmentproviding something for everyone. From Fire eaters to rockbands every kind of entertainers will share space with nick-knack stores and bargain stalls. There will be 3 categories or Races: Full Marathon(43.195kms), Half Marathon (21.1kms) & The IT Run(7km). There will also be a Music Concert & loads of entertainmentfor one and all. The first international cricket match was held in 1844 between USA & Canada. 8. the people The first ever Midnight marathon in the world will be jointlyorganized by the Rotary Bangalore IT corridor & CrossoverSports Private Limited. Rotary is a worldwide organization of business andprofessional leaders that provides humanitarian service andhelps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately1.2 million Rotarians are present across 200 countries. Crossover Sports are one of the finest experiencemanagement professionals in the country. They havecreated over 200 events including The BangaloreInternational Marathon & the India International SalsaCongress.The first official international football match took placein 1872 between Scotland and England in Glasgow. 9. the charity Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor (RBITC) was formed inJune 2006 and has in the last one year implemented andconducted several Community Projects like placing anambulance in the Whitefield area, medical camps,adoption of schools in the area. Funds raised from the Midnight Marathon will be used tofund many projects like Community health programs andadoption of schools like the Divine Light Trust for theBlind, Ramakondanahalli School and Nellurhalli School. This apart runners have the freedom to choose thecharity of their choice.Alexander Joy Cartwright (1820-1892) of New York invented the modernbaseball field in 1845. He devised the first rules and regulations for the modern game of baseball. 10. the space Unlike the traditional day marathons the route will notgo through the tourist attractions, instead the race willbe held at the famed IT hub Whitefield area, over a 7kmroute. The whole route will be interspersed with musicians anddancers performing to entertain runners and bystandersalike. The Start and finish of the race will be within the KTPOcampus. The race will be conducted in loops.The worlds first golf club was formed in 1744 at Edinburgh, called the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. 11. the entertainment The concept of Entertainment in sports is new in India butgaining popularity fast. There will be three main attractionsto runners and other citizens who come to watch andcheer. Firstly the whole route will have ethnic performers showcasing the rich art forms of the state and its surroundingareas. At the KTPO complex we will have numerous stalls sellingeverything from indigenous chanaptna toys to Bargainstores. The fun race will end with a music concert with some ofthe best artists in the city performing.The Super bowl half time shows are the first of its kind. Even legendaryartists like Paul Mc Carntey & Rolling Stones have performed in these shows. Its most famous for the 2004 Janet Jacksons Outfit Mishap. 12. the audience The near perfect definition of the audience would bedouble income, highly affluent, educated, and well traveledProgressive Indians. 90% of the audience and runners will be made up of themost sought after affluent IT community. 100% of the pre-event promotions will reach large ITcampuses like Infosys, Wipro, ITPL, Electronic City ..etc. Any brand across any category will find it next toimpossible to ignore this audience. As the event will have entertainment, shopping & culturealong with sport. We can expect a huge young population.Historic Land speed records begin with the first record with an automobilewas set in 1898 by Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat of France. His record was an average speed of 39.24 mph 13. the opportunity The opportunity to establish your brand name in historyforever Connect with the affluent IT community of Bangalore. Connect through the extensive Advertising campaign Connect with your audience through ground levelactivation at Large IT campuses, IT parks and insideoffices. Connect through an event that will grab national &international attention. Connect through the robust P.R generated through novelpromotions like the CEOs Pre-race Power run. The origin of the Paris-Dakar Rally goes back to the end of 1978 when a young Frenchman by the name of Thierry Sabine got into trouble in the tough environment of the Sahara dessert 14. How often have you had the opportunity to create history? 15. thank you To create history kindly contact orcall +919845303983 customized packages are available tosuit your objectives.