Weekly Announcements for July 22-29

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<ul><li> 1. `Announcements and Activities July 22 28, 2012 </li> <li> 2. Our Ministerial StaffRev. Glenn Grant Rev. Jason Atkinson Pastor Minister of Music </li> <li> 3. Celebration Choir Rehearsal Sunday, July 29 7:15 PMThe Celebration Choir is open to all members of our church and we would love to have you join us! </li> <li> 4. Sunday Night Live for Youth (Grades 7-12)Bible Study ActivitiesDrama Team Puppet Team Ministry Sundays at 6 PM Fellowship Hall </li> <li> 5. Music Makers Practice Sunday, July 29 5:15 PMMusic Makers enjoy singing, playing instruments, and other fun activities.Open to children from birth through 6th grade. </li> <li> 6. Senior Adults MeetingMonday, August 611:30 AMAll seniors age 55 and above are invited. </li> <li> 7. Deacons MeetingWednesday August 8 8:00 PM </li> <li> 8. Gifts in Honor or Memory OfGift in memory of Becky Rowland by NA and Barbara MartinGift in memory of Becky Rowland by the David Sumner FamilyGift in memory of Cortez Bass, brother of Vardell Bass </li> <li> 9. Church Weekly ReportSunday,July 15, 2012Offering - $4,782.92Sunday School 85Building Fund $2,536.00 </li> <li> 10. Deacon of the WeekJimmy Strickland738-6422 </li> <li> 11. Happy Birthday!Caitlyn PhillipsPatsy BullockRonald BarnesAaron DemeryKelsey PittmanSidney Britt </li> <li> 12. Happy Anniversary!Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Cox </li> <li> 13. Nursery WorkersJuly 22 Earl and Vivian AndersonJuly 29 Brenda McPherson </li> <li> 14. Childrens Church WorkersJuly 22 Rhonda Bruce and Jimmie K. BrittJuly 29 No Childrens Church </li> <li> 15. Vacation Bible SchoolMonday, July 23 Friday, July 27Supper at 5:30Classes from 6:30 9 PM </li> <li> 16. Neighborhood Missions TeamContinue to pray for this new ministry!Saturdays10:30 AM </li> <li> 17. Nominating Committee MeetingSunday, July 225:15 PMKathy LocklearDianne CrawfordSammy Townsend </li> <li> 18. Hermitage Outreach MinistryThursday, August 167:00 PM </li> <li> 19. Christmas Cantata Reading SessionSunday, July 297:15 PM </li> <li> 20. Friend of Jesus QuartetIN CONCERTSunday, August 56:00 PM </li> <li> 21. Visit Us Online!http://www.westlumbertonbc.com </li> </ul>