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Seven letters teaching series week 1 chapter 1

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Text of Seven letters teaching series week 1 chapter 1

1. Divine Disclosure: Verses 1-2 From Jesus Which God gave Him Made it known through an angle Testified to by John To His servants (The Church) 2. Divine Disclosure: Verses 1-2Ethical Response: Verse 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud Blessed is the one who hears and takes toheart 3. Divine Disclosure: Verses 1-2Ethical Response: Verse 3Representative Church: Verse 4a To seven actual churches in the province ofAsia Seven - symbolic number meaning fullness To the larger church in Asia, and byextension the church universal 4. Purpose: Verse 1To show what mustsoon take place 5. Divine Encouragement: Verse 4b-8 Grace and peace from the Godhead Faithful witness Firstborn from the dead Ruler of the Kings of the EarthVs. 7 - Drawn from two OT referencesDaniel 7:13 - Enthronement of the Son of Man over the nationsZechariah 12:10 - end-time period when God will defeat the enemy nationsaround Israel and the Israelites will be redeemed after repenting of their sinfulrejection of God and His messenger. 6. Temple Vision: Verses 12-20 Seven Golden Lampstands Son of ManRobe - Priestly Sash - King of Kings Hair white as wool - Ancient of Days (Dan. 7) Eyes blazing Fire - Omniscient Feet burnished Bronze - Purity or Stability Voice rushing Waters - Strength, Power, Authority Right Hand seven stars - Sovereignty Mouth double edged sword - Judgement and Salvation 7. Seven Letters: Chapters 2-3 Address - To the angel of the churchIdentification - Thus SaysAccount - I know your worksAssessment - But IExhortation - Remember...Promise - He who conqueresCall - He who has an ear,..