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Sant Tukaram

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Here is a ppt presentation on life of sant tukaram and his teachings...hope you'll enjoy it...thumbs up plz!!!

Text of Sant Tukaram

  • Tukaram(16081645) was a prominentVarkari Sant and spiritual poet of theBhakti. He is often referred to with anhonorific, Sant Tukaram.
  • Tukaram was oneof the greatestpoet saints everborn in India.Tukaram was adevotee of Vitthalaor Vithoba, a formof God Vishnu.
  • He was born in 1577 AD in Dehu, near the Pune cityand lived most of his life there at Dehu. He was born to atrader father.
  • He was married twice. His first wife Rakhumabaidied of starvation, during a period of severefamine in 1602.
  • Tukaram was the successor to Dnyaneshwar whodenied caste hierarchy in Hindu religion andattacked rituals present in Hinduism.
  • Tukaram hasattacked almost everyform of myth existingin Hindu societyduring his time. Heopposed somesystems of scocietywhich disadvantagedsome sections ofsociety
  • SANT TUAKARM also played a vital role in theformation of the Hindavi Swaraj (laid by ChattrapatiShivaji Maharaja). He and the other saints ofMaharashtra sowed seeds of affection, love amongstpeople and nature, casting out discrimination in theminds of people and also helped by creating a feelingabout the injustice of the Mughals. Sant Tukaram blessing Shivaji
  • Tukaram wrote in a special verse form called theABHANGA. As was the tradition, he also added hissignature, Tuka Mhane or "Tuka Says", at the end ofeach verse. An ancient inscription of an Abhang by Tukaram

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