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FuneralOrganiser works with Australia’s leading funeral directors and provide an online planning system that helps in organizing a memorable funeral in an easy & simple process. For more information about funeral directors in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne call us at 1300 760 811 or visit

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  • Help planning a funeral Call Us: 1300 760 811
  • About FuneralOrganiser FuneralOrganiser is a step by step digital service that helps in planning funerals with industry expertise & quality services. We can provide services for traditional or modern funerals as per your need & choice. FuneralOrganiser provides assistance with important information about planning a funeral, including the type of service you desire, a fitting floral tribute, audio and webcasting, press notices and order of service, choosing an appropriate coffin and after-service catering. FuneralOrganiser work with Australias leading funeral directors. All directors are member of Australian Funeral Directors Association which sets the standard for best practice and quality funeral services.
  • How FuneralOrganiser Works FuneralOrganiser provide step by step planning & information for organizing a memorable funeral. Below is the step by step process about how we work: Create your Funeral Plan: We provide online planning system that has been to plan the funerals as easy as possible. Make your selection from various plans that we offers that includes flower tribute to the order of service, after function services. Review Your Plan: After selecting your plan you will be able to review it & edit it. With this you can also see total price guide. Get Quotes: Once you submit your plan, FuneralOrganiser will provide recommendations of Funeral Directors nearby you who can provide best service as per your requirement. You can get quotes from your selected Funeral Director or can call us at 1300 760 811.
  • Our Funeral Directors FuneralOrganiser works with Australias leading funeral directors & all the directors are member of Australian Funeral Directors Association. These funeral directors are industry leaders & provide sincere care & personal support at the time of grieving. Below are some of the Funeral Directors that work with us:
  • Contact FuneralOrganiser Call 1300 760 811 Or Visit