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2. Binary Opposition Because of Nacho Libres opponent, Silver King, being athletic andmuscular, and Nacho not also being of those attributes, creates a binary opposition. It createsit, because the audience expects from their different outward appearances to behave, do andbe treated differently subsequently. 3. As is common in many a Sport Comedy film, inadvertently silly montages recount a trainingprocess that seem to do very little in the way of readying the partaker(s) for their forthcomingsporting challenges. The reason for their sheer effectiveness, is due to keeping to the uphillbattle of seriousness always being bested by calamity. 4. The effectiveness of these inter-titles happen, attributed from the fun colour scheme and thebold and blocky font. They counteract each other concurrently, and therefore inspire thebeginnings of humorousness. It is only the beginnings, as the inter-titles alone only suggestand hint at what is to be expected from the course of the trailers length. 5. Namedropping here, is effective. This is because, if people have favourable views on thesefilms, then it makes it more likely for those same people to choose to watch Nacho Libre. Aswell, even if viewers are not familiar with these works - by the imparted knowledge of thecreative team being experienced, makes the viewer more likely to take their chances onseeing the film. 6. Featuring these four characters in the same standing situation, makes there be more gellingbetween characters and how they coincide with one another. It is not enough that the twochildren look like the main characters but younger so they behaving similarly makes it seemthat the characters are not constructed just for their own end.