Missys birthday

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  • 1. Youre going to have a baby!!But theres a problem, thedoctor said.Well have to run some tests.Well have to wait.

2. Fear gripped me. Three days Idhave to wait.What am I going to do?Pray, just pray. But would Heanswer my prayers?Yet, there was nothing else I coulddo. 3. I had heard of St. Theresa, theLittle Flower of Jesus.She said shed spend her time inheaven doing good on earth.Shed left fall a shower of rosesA sign that she had heard. A signthat God had too. 4. Maybe shed help me.So I said a quiet prayer .Please ask God to let my babylive,and if it be a girl, part of her namewould be after you 5. I got a card a day later, abouquet of roses on the front.I knew right then and there, thatthe baby would be alright.Now I had one more thing, onething that I had desired all mylife. 6. Could I, should I dare ask anotherfavor?Had I asked to much already?Yet, I had to try.Would you, could you, please letme have a little girl?. 7. The day arrived, I could hardly wait.Would my prayer be answered?The heartbeat is not that of a girlthe nurse said. 8. A wave of sadness came overme.O please, please, dont let thisbe true.Please let it be my girl. 9. Then I hear him say 10. O please let it be 11. Would it be 12. Can it be 13. Its a girl!!!A gift from God,but He didnt stop there 14. A faithful God, who answers theprayer of a desperate mother,Thank you, for my baby girl,Melissa ThereseHappy Birthday, 15. The End