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  • 1. Man In The Iron Mask Group members : Wong Voon Yin Eelyn Cheong Nicholas Yap Chia Wee Min Edwin Ho
  • 2. Finalized Important Scene France Riot Raouls death DArtagnan asked Louis to become a good King. Athos wants to kill the king stopped by DArtagnan Discussion in the tomb (Athos, DArtagnan, and Aramis) Replacing the King. DArtagnan refused. Athos & Aramis put on musketeer costume (to wear them in death) save Philippe from jail again Met with DArtagnan again work together. - (one for all, all for one scene) Philippe brought back in to the prison with the iron mask on In Kings room , Louis was angry hit Philippe wanted DArtagnan to keep Philippe in prison Philippe refused DArtagnan disappointed DArtagnan death scene Philippe replace king (as King Louis name) and Louis brought into jail as Philippes name. Athos & Aramis rescue Philippe , escape far away mask removed story told to Philippe During Masquarade King was replaced found out by DArtagnan .
  • 3. Script Detailings Scene 1 King Louis : I am a young king... but I am King. DArtagnan : Then be a good king, Your Majesty. Scene 2 'His Majesty regrets to inform you 'that Raoul, son of Athos, 'has been killed in action.' DArtagnan : Does Athos know of this? Athos, my friend... Athos, listen to me! The cannons killed Raoul! Do not add your own death to this tragedy.I beg you! Get back! Get back! Athos : You're the traitor. Scene 3 Aramis : The secrecy is regrettable, but necessary. Please, sit. When we were young and saw injustice, we fought it. Some problems cannot be solved with a sword. Some can't be settled without one! Here is the problem at hand. The Jesuits oppose Louis' wars and the starvation that results. Aramis : So, Louis has ordered me to discover the identity of the Jesuits' general. And to kill him. The problem is.....that I am he. I am the General of the of the Order of Jesuits Athos : What do you propose to do? Aramis : Replace the King. DArtagnan : I cannot listen to this. Aramis : It can be done and I know the way Athos : I am with you. DArtagnan : No! Aramis : I need you. All for one and one for all. DArtagnan : I cannot betray my king! I swore an oath! Athos : Whatever the plan,I am with you. The next time we meet, one of us will die. Aramis : Wait! Even were I not a priest, I could see that your heart carries a secret weight and that it is hurting you to bear it alone. DArtagnan : I cannot betray my king. Scene 4 Aramis : I am here to help you It is your escape to freedom. Aramis : I will tell you the secret that was kept from you. It began the night King Louis was born. I was on duty. I was summoned to the rear door of the palaceThe Queen's priest handed me a baby. The King realised he had two heirs. that he decided to make one disappear. You, Phillippe! He ordered your identity kept from you. So he devised a way to keep you forever hidden. One day... I will ask your forgiveness. But not until I have restored you to what is yours. We will replace Louis with Phillippe.
  • 4. Scene 5 King Louis : I was told this imposter was dead. DArtagnan : You knew? You knew there was a man of such resemblance? King Louis : He is my brother. DArtagnan : Brother? King Louis : My twin. My blood. A fact which has kept him alive, until now. DArtagnan : Your Majesty, listen to me. Never once have I asked anything for myself. I ask you now spare the life of this man, your brother. King Louis : You have no right to ask this! DArtagnan : Your Majesty... every day of your life, I have watched over you. I have bled for you. I have prayed every day to see you become greater than your office. Show me what my faith and blood have purchased. Show mercy. King Louis : You take the side of traitors? This one, worst of all my own brother! DArtagnan : And what have you done to him? For one moment... I thought you had become the king I'd hoped you would be. Philippe : Please... My Lord, may I speak? I beg that you kill me. I release you from any sin in taking my life. In fact, I pray God rewards you for your mercy. But, please... do not...I beg you... return me to the prison where I have lived for so long. King Louis : You will hunt down Porthos, Athos and Aramis and bring me their heads. Or I will have yours. As for you, my brother, back to the prison you shall go, and into the mask you hate. Wear it until you love it. And die in it! Athos : Its a trap . But we still have to save Philippe no matter what. Aramis : Our old uniforms,from our days of glory. I was saving them... so that we could wear them in death. And so we shall! King Louis : DArtagnan I am not angry with you. I knew you'd lead me to them. Lay down your sword and I will not punish you. You can retire in peace. I'll give your friends a swift execution if you surrender now. Aramis : You should take his offer. We're dead anyway. Philippe : Wait! Bargain me to Louis for your lives. You've done your best. Please, let me go. DArtagnan : No. I cannot do it. Even if I could give up my king,I could not give son. Philippe : Your son? DArtagnan : You are my son. And I never felt pride as a father. until this moment. Aramis : They're young Musketeers. They've been weaned on our legends. They revere us! It is an advantage. DArtagnan : I trained these men. They will fight to the death.But if we must die...if we must die,let it be like this. Athos : One for all... All for one. Philippe : Get off me! DArtagnan : He is... your brother. Philippe : Get this off me! DArtagnan : Forgive me. All my life... this... this is the death I have always wanted. All for one... And one fo... *dies* Scene 7 Philippe : Put this madman where no one can hear his insanity. Let him be fed by a deaf mute, but feed him well. Let him find redemption wearing the pains he caused others. Take him! Scene 6 Note saying *** Phillippe is in the lower dungeon of the Bastille. At THE END midnight, I will delay the new guards for 10 minutes. One for all and all for one, d'Artagnan.
  • 5. Costumes and Props
  • 6. King Louis Crown (made by wire) fake blonde hair wig Sword/fence (made by cardboard/papers) White glove Red/Royal Yellow cape White long sleeve shirt Brown pants Black shoes/boots
  • 7. Philippe fake blonde hair (wig) white long sleeve shirt + brownish vest/coat Brown pants black shoes / boots The Mask Option #1 ART ATTACK style use ballon, stick the paper over it, after dry, pop it.. Option #2 Use Iron Mans mask and paint into steel colour
  • 8. DArtagnan & Musketeer Costumes (Athos & Aramis) Cowboy hat + fur Sword/fence (made by cardboard/papers) Royal Blue Coat Black gloves Black long sleeves + trousers Boots
  • 9. Athos (Normal Attire) Inner shirt : black long sleeves shirt Long black trousers Brown coat with long sleeves Mustache (using make up pen MAYBE) Boots (Black/Brown) Aramis (Normal Attire) Inner shirt : black long sleeves shirt Long black trousers Black coat with long sleeves Mustache (using make up pen MAYBE) Boots (Black/Brown)
  • 10. Musketeer Costumes (Athos, Aramis & DArtagnan) Cowboy hat + fur Sword/fence (made by cardboard/papers) Musketeer clothes ( Royal/Dark blue fabric + white fabric Black gloves Black long sleeves + trousers Boots
  • 11. Multimedia Plans Audio record Introduction of the play (before scene 1) Sond effects: Gun shot sounds (Scene 6) Sword fighting sounds Musics : Dramatic music (when DArtagnans death)