How to build self confidence and Increace Motivation

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how to build self confidence


  • 1. Unclutter Your Home to Unclutter Your Life Unclutter Your Home to Unclutter Your Life Having a home thats comfortable and organized is intimately related to your well-being and how you approach life every day. Make your home your healthy haven with these tips.1. Look around. How does your home look and feel to you? Are items on tables and furniture surfaces neatly arranged with plenty of empty space around them? Are you pleased with the selection of wall art and table dcor? What feelings do you experience when you sit in each room and survey the area? Tranquil and relaxed? Uncomfortable or anxious to leave the room?2. Contemplate if youd like to alter any specific areas in each room.If you have too many figurines arranged on a side table, it might appear over-loaded or messy. Do you have space on tables for your electronic tablet, books, and beverage glass or cup? If so, maybe you feel pleased and satisfied with how youve arranged the items.3. Finish this sentence: Regarding the furniture and arrangement of personal items in my home, it would make me happier if _____________. Maybe youd like to remove some furniture because over the years youve squeezed in too many pieces. If you placed more than one or two wall hangings on each wall of a room, the room might appear cramped or busy, preventing you from feeling at peace in the room.1

2. Focus on how you feel in the room and what would make you feel better. Forexample, youve always hated entering your spare bedroom becauseyoure now using it as a dumping ground for items you dont know whatto do with. You feel disgusted as soon as you walk in the room.In fact, the room is quite cluttered stacked up with clothing that doesntfit and boxes of miscellaneous possessions you never use. Youredisappointed in yourself and see the room as a true misuse of the space.You think, Why havent I gotten the room under better control so I canuse it as my library and reading room?Gain clarity about how you can best free your home of clutter. A pleasingresult will be greater feelings of peace, comfort, and freedom within you.4. Embrace the idea of getting rid of unused and worn out items. Open your mind to the possibilities of what your home will be like whenever you discard unneeded items. Youll have more rooms for things you enjoy. Youll experience a sense of newness. You might feel more relaxed as well.A side benefit of cleaning out each room is how contented youll feel thatitems not currently being used might be appreciated by someone else. Boxitems and clothing to drop off at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or othercharitable organization. Experience the positive feelings of giving toothers.5. Allow yourself to daydream about what it will be likewhen the bedroom is clear of clutter. Youll sleep better. Itll be easier to clean now that theres less stuff to clean around. Youll experience deeper sleep due to decreased dustlingering in the room.2 3. 6. Work on one room at a time.Rather than becoming overwhelmed with feelings about how much you have to do, commit to unclutter your home over the long haul. Do something each day to get rid of items or organize things you want to keep. Your mental health is worth preserving. Unclutter your home bit by bit. Even though you didnt realize the clutter you had in your home, taking a good look in each room will help open your eyes to it. Think about changes you want to make. Ask yourself what would make you happy related to your surroundings. Get excited about ridding yourself of unnecessary stuff. Daydream about the results you want and then produce them, one room at a time. If you unclutter your home, youll give yourself the precious gift of an uncluttered life. 3Powered by TCPDF (