How to Work With Someone You Hate

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<ul><li>1.How to Work withSomeone You Hate</li></ul> <p>2. How to Work with Someone You HateIntroduction Working with someone you hatecan be distracting and draining. A jerk, annoying nudge orincessant colleague cannegatively affect your attitudeand performance inside yourcompany. 3. How to Work with Someone You HateMain Consequences Instead of focusing on thework you have to do together,you may end up wasting timeand energy trying to keep youremotions in check andattempting to manage thepersons behavior. 4. How to Work with Someone You HateYes, you can! Fortunately, with the righttactics, you can still havea productive workingrelationship withsomeone you cant stand. 5. How to Work with Someone You HateStrategy 01 Manage your reaction Your response to your dreaded co-workermay range from slight discomfort tooutright hostility. But you need to learn how to manage itand dont think about how the personacts, think about how you react. Its far more productive to focus on yourown behavior because you can control it. 6. How to Work with Someone You HateStrategy 02 Keep your distaste to yourself While working, avoid complaining about someone since it can reflect negatively on you. You may get a reputation as unprofessional or be labeled as the difficult one. Ideally, choose people outside the office when sharing your opinions. 7. How to Work with Someone You HateStrategy 03 Consider whether its you, not them Once you have your reactions in check,think about what it is you dont like aboutthe person: Is there something specific that sets you off? By better understanding what is botheringyou, you may also be able to see yourrole in it. 8. How to Work with Someone You HateStrategy 04 Consider providing feedback If none of the strategies haveworked, you may want to considergiving your colleague somefeedback. Dont assume the person knowswhat is upsetting you. 9. How to Work with Someone You HateStrategy 05 Adopt a dont-care attitude In situations where you are trulystuck and cant provide feedback,you should practice the fine art ofemotional detachment or not givingany importance. Just dont care and carry on yourjob. 10. How to Work with Someone You HatePrinciples to Remember - DO Manage your own reaction to thebehavior first . Practice emotional detachment sothe persons behaviors dont botheryou . Spend time trying to get to knowthe person and better understandwhat motivates him. 11. How to Work with Someone You HatePrinciples to Remember DONT Dont assume that it is all about theother person you likely play somepart. Dont share your thoughts since peoplemay judge you for your complaints Dont give feedback unless you canfocus on work issues and can avoid apersonal conflict. 12. Our Business Contacts Feel free to send us a comment or an e-mail. Our Website:www.licoreis.comOur E-mails: Roberto de Paula Lico Jnior Twitter: @licoreis </p>