How to Build Self-Confidence using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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How to Build Self-Confidence Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

How to Build Self-Confidence UsingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP Master Trainer & Coach
Daniel Smith

Interviewed byGraham StoneyAuthor of
Confident Man

What Is NLP?

Attitude & Techniques For Excellence

Instruction Manual For Using Your Mind

Understanding Relationship Dynamics

A Way Of Achieving Excellence


Pick a Guy Who's Good, and Copy Them

Do What They Do...Not What They Say They Do

Hang Around With Confident People

Observe How They Act, & Do The Same

Ask Yourself: How Do They Do That?

Women and Other Guys

Women Want a Guy Who's at the Top

Find Other Guys with More Confidence and Copy What They Do

What is it That They're Doing Differently?

Avoid Beating Yourself Up

Changing Your Technique will
Change Your Results

You Can Change

Asking Better Questions

Give Yourself Permission

Asking Why? Leads To Excuses

Ask How Could I Do That? Instead

What's The Payoff For Lacking Confidence?

How Can I Adopt a Better Strategy,
Right Now?

Creating A Confident State

Posture Effects Mood

Stand Up Straight!

Visualize Feeling Confident

Hold Your Body As-If You Were Confident

Most Guys are in a Powerless state, Using Ineffective Strategies

Access Your Best State

Changing State Using Your Body

Physiology and Psychology are Linked

Think Of A Time That You Felt Really Confident

Notice How You Felt In Your Body

When Feeling Bad, Move The Way You Move When You Feel Good

Do What Works

Shoulders Back, Head Tall

Want to Hear More?

The interview goes on to cover:How to Master Anything Confidently

The Key Trap you MUST Avoid

Changing Limiting Beliefs

Why You Don't Need a Wheelchair

The full interview is available as a freebonus with the Confident Man ebook at


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