Christ’s Ministry

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Christ's ministry: Birth, teaching and healing, death. Contained 20 slides.

Text of Christ’s Ministry

  • 1. CHRISTS MINISTRY By Pr. Ham Diyon
  • 2. Christs Pre-birth How will this be, since I am a virgin? You will have a son and He will be called Emmanuel!
  • 3. Im so sorry sir! Not a single room unoccupied. Oh no! I want a room for my wife and myself.
  • 4. The Birth of Jesus Christ Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.
  • 5. The Visit of the Magi For this is what the prophet has written.
  • 6. Jesus Prediction of Jerusalem Downfall Not a stone will be unturned in Jerusalem. Impossible
  • 7. Jesus Teaches the Unthinkable Lesson Love your enemies. What? Crazy!
  • 8. Go home and sell all you have and come to me. No Way!
  • 9. You must be born again in order to inherit the eternal life.
  • 10. It is written that the son of men will died for sinners.
  • 11. Master! Who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? You must be born again and be like these children.
  • 12. Lazarus! Come out! Oh my? Is he really Lazarus?
  • 13. Jesus Forgive the Prostitute
  • 14. Zaccheus, the Tax-collector Zaccheus! Come down. For I come to your house today! Yeah!
  • 15. This wine represent my blood that was spilled for your sin.
  • 16. Today, you will be with me in paradise.
  • 17. Father, forgive their sin.
  • 18. I will keep knocking on the hearts door.
  • 19. WELCOME
  • 20. Thank You Terima Kasih!