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  • 1. Contact Information:I Spy GI Clubwww.ispygiclub.weebly.comGrammys Investigator

2. Anyone can do it!Do you have a bunch ofBible stories children you can gettogether and have fun with?Here is the answer!Activity suggestionsJust do it ! Memory verses eBooks Video clips Life lessons for today! 3. I Spy GI Club Hi! Im Grammy, and myInvestigators are going to spy on some of the people in the Bible.Then we make video clips just for fun. You might be surprised whatGrammys Investigators find out. 4. 4 Assignments about Jesus healing people 5. Four Assignments about Joseph 6. Four assignments about Moses 7. Two assignments about Easter 8. Four assignments about Peter 9. Four assignments about Joshua 10. Four assignments about being called 11. Four Assignments from Samuel 12. Four assignments about David 13. Four assignments about stories of Jesus 14. Four assignments about Elijah 15. Four assignments about Daniel & Jonah 16. Four assignments about Christmas 17. All of this for just over $1 per week !You can do it!Interested?Take a look! Contact Information:I Spy GI Club www.ispygiclub.weebly.comGrammys Investigator Series